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Es Cana in Ibiza - have you been?

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WildThong Fri 10-Jan-14 13:28:32

Booked for 2 weeks in July but having a bit of a mild panic - it's not an 18 - 30ish place is it? The reviews etc online seem good but I'm hoping it isn't too 'anglified' iykwim, i'm more for local restaurants than all day English!
Any reassurance very welcome smile

34DD Thu 16-Jan-14 10:49:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hootloop Thu 16-Jan-14 10:53:10

I went years ago with my parents, I remember it being a family type of place. You could definitely get all day breakfasts but there were a few more Spanish type places. I am going back 16/17 years though

loopsngeorge Thu 16-Jan-14 12:57:19

We went to Es cana last summer - there were a couple of clubby bars but it's nothing like San Antonio and felt very safe. The town square had a kids' fairground each night and there are some nice restaurants along the beach. I have to say I much preferred Santa Eulalia which was the next resort along. That was more of a proper town with local restaurants. You can get there very easily on the bus or by car. Which hotel are you going to?

WildThong Thu 16-Jan-14 13:12:33

thanks all, im feeling calmer about it having read these and perused trip advisor with a magnifying glass. smile

I've booked a lovely 2 bedroom apartment called Cel Blau which gives us freedom to eat out but has some facilities on the site as well.

uc Thu 16-Jan-14 13:24:25

Went last summer too, and stayed in Miami, like 34DD. Miami has a lovely pool, has entertainment at night, but it all stops around 11 ish and is family orientated. It's quite a quiet town, ok beach, definitely not an 18-30 place (unless they booked there by mistake!!!). In fact, we loved all of Ibiza, although didn't set foot in San Antonio. The beach at Playa d'en Bossa was entertaining though for the parades of people advertising the clubs.

If I was going to Ibiza again though, I'd go to Portinatx, it was beautiful there.

MikeLitoris Thu 16-Jan-14 14:28:20

I have looked at Es Cana but dp is worried there wont be enough to keep the dc entertained. They would be 14,10 & 4.

Anyone with dc a similar age been?

Felix90 Thu 16-Jan-14 14:36:15

I've been twice in 2003 and 2006 when I was 13 & 17 with my parents. Definitely not a clubby type place. Lots of families and older couples (my parents have been a few more times too) and is not a mega lively resort. Lots of buses to other parts of the island so you can easily go off and explore smile

DelGirl Thu 16-Jan-14 14:37:03

I've stayed twice in es cana, once in ibiza town and once in port san miguel. I love the whole island though not spent much time in san antonio. Es cana is lovely, not too lively and you can get to other places quite easily. Dont forget the hippie market. Have fun. Will you be hiring a car?

WildThong Thu 16-Jan-14 15:49:36


Don't think we are getting a car this time - but we are planning to use the bus, tourist train and the tourist boats to visit other towns. Not ones for lying by the pool all day.

Can't wait now!

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