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Amsterdam with toddlers?

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PolkaDotParty Sat 07-Dec-13 20:00:16

Has anyone done this? i really want to go to Amsterdam - have wanted to for ages but finally got some money and passports etc. DDs are only 2 & 3 (4 by time of trip) - possible/sensible? Really fancy cycling about with them on bikes. Any recommendations/tips?

PrincessWellington Wed 18-Dec-13 08:48:36

I didn't take DCs but have been twice and the locals carry children by bike (and dogs)
I stayed in an apartment which I would say would suit a family. The only negative is the stairs - most houses the tall ones have really narrow, steep steps and lots of them. So check this out if it bothers you

C4ro Wed 18-Dec-13 09:20:53

It's possible- are you going on your own or 1-adult-per-toddler? I lived there for 6 years. Most of central Amsterdam is easy to get around walking or by bike (it's quite small for a capital city). There are some areas more kid-friendly like the artis (zoo) and the Vondelpark/ museumplein. We took my neices on the canal boat tour too which they liked.
You can probably hire a bike- either a trike with a bucket for the kids to sit in or a more difficult looking 2-wheel bike with bucket (google pics of bakfiets for what they look like. Most dutch bikes I've encountered are not geared and you pedal backwards for braking). There are loads of bike routes, some in the centre, you can go over the Ij to the North bit of Amsterdam- not so many people do that and there are some nice canals/ field areas round there. If you do walk around, teach your toddlers early on to pay a lot of attention to the very-slightly-differentiated bike lane areas. They are often right next to the pavement. Quite a few bikers do not even have a bell to warn they are coming and they will be travelling fast.
PW is right about really steep stairs in most central Amsterdam flats if you hire a self-catering. You'd be OK in most hotels though.

defineme Wed 18-Dec-13 09:58:46

I'd think about why you want to go - are the things you want to do child friendly? If yes, then I think it's a great city to choose.

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