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Anyone been to Turkey with older teens?

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secretsantasquirrels Sat 07-Dec-13 13:41:14

They will be 16 and 18 next year and a big AI in Turkey seems to tick the boxes.
They like plenty of pools, water polo type activities, a decent gym, a choice of restaurants and some lively evening entertainment.
It doesn't have to be Brits abroad but they want to meet girls other teenagers.
Has anyone been to Voyage Sorgun or somewhere similar?

GreenShadow Sat 07-Dec-13 21:27:26

I would highly recommend Lykia World, Olu Deniz (search for it on here - there have been several threads in the past).

We went last year with 13 and 17 year olds and all loved it. They have a teen club although our anti-social lot didn't bother to join in much of it. A lot of the teens even chose to sit together at dinner times.

The food was amazing and there are loads of activities and a very good water park suitable for all ages -adults included.

The only down side is that there isn't really anywhere to walk to from the site. The town of Olu Deniz is not actually all that far away, but the walk is along side the road and not all that that pleasant.

A few years before that we stayed at another Turkish AI - The Royal Dragon at Side and would also recommend that.

secretsantasquirrels Sun 08-Dec-13 13:17:34

Thanks green. I had looked at Lykia world I think it's been taken over and gone AI, which is what I want, but recent reviews were poor.
They won't do teen clubs as such but they do like organised pool sports. Will look at RD.

mckenzie Tue 17-Dec-13 18:42:23

what about Neilsons? our 12 year old thought it was fab and there were plenty of teenagers in his group and an older group too. They went off by themselves pretty much the whole time. Ate together, did daytime activities together, evening activities together. In fact, we said we wouldn't go back as it was supposed to be a 'family' holiday and we never saw our two. grin 8 year old DD had lunch and dinner with her friends too and was pretty much entertained by Neilsons the whole holiday.

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