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Costa Adeje, Tenerife. Restaurants?

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magimedi Wed 04-Dec-13 15:42:33

We are off there very soon & was just wondering if any one who had been had any recommendations of where to eat?

Just me & DH - happy to eat in cafes or restaurants but we both like our food.


magimedi Wed 04-Dec-13 19:56:49


We stay near that part of tenerife every year. TBH we haven't found anywhere spectacular - we like La Torre Del Mirador because of the view and position - but sadly the food and service was mixed last time we were there.

If you like seafood, then get a taxi to la Caleta there are some lovely genuine seafood restaurants there - not so good with DCs but with just the two of you should be spoiled for choice.

DowntonTrout Wed 04-Dec-13 20:23:39

Yes Torre del Mirador is in a lovely setting. In Caleta there is an Italian called Rosso Sul Mare, which is nice. We used to eat at El Molino Blanco too. Unfortunately nice restaurants are limited.

magimedi Wed 04-Dec-13 22:38:54


I know (from other Canary trips) that good food is v limited - just want something that's OK.

Best meal I had in Lanzarote was a tuna salad in an Irish bar! It was all fresh & waas what it said it was.

There are nice restaurants, just not very memorable - if you turn left rather than right, there are a number of beach front ones with lovely views that do decent steaks & seafood. There's one which I think is opposite Tony Romas, that has nice beach chairs and does an excellent Mango colada, where the food is pretty good - just not exceptional so I can't remember it's name.

If you head towards Playa De las Americas there are some fun places - we had an old style fondue in one with 10 different dipping sauces and DH had his beer in a boot!

Oh and if you like ice cream, the gelateria at the bottom of La torre del Mirador is very good. Nonnas - the Italian is meant to be nice, but we have never been there.

freelancegirl Thu 05-Dec-13 12:55:25

I was there just a few weeks ago and there are some nice seafood restaurants. I'll agree Torre Del mirador for views and location and there are a couple of other places too nearby - all Playa Del Duque. You can also walk down to La Caleta, a lovely walk along the front that crosses over a black sand beach and up the slope on the other side. The first place you come to on the la Caleta cove has good tapas and we had nice seafood at the last one on the cove and also one just before.

I also really liked the restaurant on the end of the row f playa del Duque, the far end to mirador. Like a lot of them it's built in a faux hacienda style and has has a nice terrace and courtyard. For a more casual night there's an Italian just beyond there underneath the shopping centre.

A walk down to Playa De Las Americas is worth a trip, there's a row of restaurants just as you encroach on the area and before you get to the tacky busy bit.

I hadn't been to Tenerife before and I was surprised at how pretty it is on the Costa Adeje. It's not cheap though, main meals usually around 20-25 euro a head, and unlike mainland spain we didn't find any nice cheap and cheerful tapas bars. We stayed at the Sheaton which was lovely and in a nice position.

magimedi Thu 26-Dec-13 16:52:10

Just coming back to this to say that we had a fantastic holiday & put in a couple more places to eat in case anyone else is going.

Under the Hotel Santa Maria is the most amazing curry place called The Ghandi. Very basic, not a posh seaside view but one of the best curries we've eaten in a long time. So good that we ate there 3 times. Pretty cheap as well.

In La Caleta there was a lovely tapas bar called La Calleja - all the seating is outside so only go if it's warm. About 4 euros for each tapas & they were so generous that 5 different ones did OH & I easily for a meal.

Opposite Tony Roma's (which was not good) on the sea front there is a place called La Farola del Mar - only had lunch there but really good salads & not too pricy.

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