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Easyjet paris Charles de Gaulle

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Tamingteenagers Mon 09-Dec-13 23:21:00

Our easyJet travel experience for a long weekend visiting grannie made our teenage daughter cry. That made me so mad! Her trundle had been waved onto the plane at Luton but got confiscated less than 48 hours later, by the gate staff at Inverness on our return. They claimed to be "only applying the rules" because she had a small backpack as well as the trundle.
But it was funny ha-ha not that Inverness operates to a completely different set of rules from Luton about what carry on baggage is allowed.
One of my husband's family has suggested that each office has a quota of excess baggage charges they have to meet, in the same way that bank branches used to have PPI sales targets, and that this is why it is one rule on one occasion and a different rule another time. Did I mention, they charged us £45 for the privilege of having bags that had been allowed as cabin baggage on the outward flight, confiscated on the way back?
Good thing we are well passed the nappy stage, or losing our carry on bags at the gate might have been a real headache.

Tweetinat Sun 01-Dec-13 09:29:13

I'm afraid you'll almost certainly have to collect the pushchair from baggage reclaim, even if you leave it at the plane steps on departure. This has been my experience every time although it has been a few years since I last needed the pushchair. After the first time I took a sling in hand luggage or trunki.

Atiyashah Sun 01-Dec-13 09:25:04

Hi, I would like to know if anyone has travelled with two infants (mine are 22months and 8month). I'm thinking of taking my icandy double, I wanted to know if anyone has been able to collect it as they've disembarked the plane or had to wait till luggage reclaim? Also how far is easyjet terminal to the exit?

Would really appreciate the help.

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