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Greywacke Wed 20-Nov-13 15:53:43

We drove and stayed at Davy Crockett ranch. You would need a car to stay there but it was great. We had one full day and two half days which worked well for us but my DC is a lot younger!

I would stay in a Disney hotel again, you get to go into the park 2 hours earlier. The other hotels are all within walking distance of the parks.

There is a train station next to eurodisney so that could be another option depending on where in the UK you are.

The Christmas parades are great and the tree is huge! We absolutely loved it and I am having to try to resist putting up our tree now.


LIZS Wed 20-Nov-13 15:48:32

Depends what you mean by the Paris area. There are parades well into the evening after dark, so it is a bonus to be nearby but even a few Metro stops away (Val d'Europe, Bussy St Georges) is fine as Metro station is by the main gate and only takes 5-10 minutes.

birdybear Wed 20-Nov-13 15:45:43

marking place!

roseyposeysmum Wed 20-Nov-13 15:44:34


I am looking for some advice about EuroDisney, I want to take my dd who will be 6 next year and am going to book it as her Christmas present.
I am look at coach tours as I don’t want to drive there, and from speaking to other people it makes it an adventure for the kids and my dd loves travelling. I wanted to know how many days you really need to enjoy the parks, if it is better staying at one of the Disney hotels or are the ones that are located in the Paris area ok ?

Or any general tips would be helpful as well. I am looking at going in May.

Thanks very much

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