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Holiday ideas

(3 Posts)
123bucklemyshoe Mon 21-Oct-13 12:03:50

Oh, thank you - I will look into these...

givemeaclue Mon 21-Oct-13 10:32:40

A week in a mobile home at a eurocamp site? You could drive to France? If the £2k is just the holiday cost and you have more for food, spending money etc them 2 weeks would be doable. Or a villa and get easy jet flights, apartment in Croatia?

123bucklemyshoe Sun 20-Oct-13 23:15:25

So there are four of us.... we want to go away in August, preferably somewhere sunny and for 2 weeks. Me, DH and 2 kidlets (dd 11, DS 7). DH doesn't like beaches but will put up with them for us as long as there are other things to do as well. He won't camp!
We would be happy to travel around or stay put. Max budget £2k. (Absolute max!) Any ideas gratefully received....

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