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Campsites in Brittany in August - your recommendations? also, booking for baby not yet born.

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mummeeee Fri 18-Oct-13 10:35:56

Hi all

I am trying to plan a holiday for August 2014 and wondering if anyone can recommend some good places for us. I have checked the main travel pages on MN and we have already stayed at some of the recommended sites, so wondering if anyone else can suggest a few others.

I am 17 wks pg, baby due end March 2014. Hence, we are planning to travel the last week in August, so the baby will be around 4/5 months' old. Will also have dd (6) and ds (4) with us, hence needs to be school holidays. Want to go for 1wk-10 days, as dh is self-employed (time off difficult and money is tight).

We have a camper van & have stayed in Brittany with the children twice before, but as more of a touring holiday, with just 3 or 4 nights at each site. This time we won't be taking the van as we don't have 3 spaces for car seats. We are just planning to rent a mobilhome on a nice site.

dd has a serious medical condition which means we have to take a lot of stuff, portable medical fridge etc, so one of the pre-erected tents is not suitable for us. We need hot running water, easy access to toilet during the night etc.

oh yes and of course we will be doing it with a 4-month old baby as well, I keep forgetting that?! so are looking to stay somewhere with mobilhomes and a pool (covered) so that if the baby is up all night dh, dd and ds can have fun whilst the baby and I relax. For this reason, I think direct access to the beach would be really good.

We have stayed at Camping de la Plage in La Trinite sur mer and really liked it, the size, access to the beach etc. We had our bikes, so explored the area on them (so only within a few kms of the site) and enjoyed the restaurants in the town. It was May and the weather was cold, wet and windy though, so it may have a different feel in August.

We have also stayed in Benodet, Camping de Poulquer, and enjoyed it even more than La Trinite sur mer I think. It was such a perfect French seaside town and we loved the beaches, rock pools, restaurants by the boardwalk, views etc. The campsite was close enough to walk to the beach, although we used our bikes all the time.

This time, I keep forgetting we won't have bikes (as we're not taking the campervan), but will have the car (normally we don't move the van once parked on the campsite, so previously have been restricted to exploring on bikes - we love cycling, but with a newborn and with not having the van to attach them to, we won't take bikes.)

So, a part of me thinks we should return to Benodet as we loved it last year (and I need an 'easy' holiday because we will have a tiny baby), but my inherent wanderlust doesn't like returning to the same place twice...but of course don't want to get to somewhere new and wish we had gone to Benodet!!

Sorry for the essay. In essence, we want a campsite with mobilhomes for rent near a town with restaurants, cafes and a boulangerie. It would be good to be able to potter to the town/shops without taking the car. A covered pool and a bar on site would be a bonus, as would walking distance to a beach. We have previously booked ferry and pitches independently direct with the campsite, but would be helpful to hear if MN'ers think it is cheaper to book with eurocamp etc. Haven't ruled out something like a gite but imagine prices are higher.

Since baby won't be born till March, does anyone have experience of booking the ferry before the birth. i.e. we would not know the name or dob of one of the passengers. Is this possible?

Thank you for reading this far and for any advice. I am checking out uk campsite and old threads on here, but would love personal recommendations.

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