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Would I be mad to go to Disneyland paris in January?

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MissWimpyDimple Wed 16-Oct-13 16:37:19

An opportunity has arisen for a short trip to Disney and we are thinking of doing it in January. I know it'll be cold but as long as we are sensible about clothing, I thought it should be ok and a lot less busy than when we went in August confused we didn't get to do a lot of the rides and it was pretty packed!

Will it be hideous at that time?! We would stay in the Davy Crockett Lodge, I know they have heating...

EustonRoad Wed 16-Oct-13 16:42:22

We went in Jan some years ago. It was cold but the heating was fine. It was busy - the accommodation was full as that is their special offer time - but probably less day trippers than in summer. Not long queues.The parades are not great in the freezing cold! It didn't rain at least but either there is a pig farm nearby or the local landowner had been using slurry - it stank. I got a virus on my first day back and was dick for two weeks - never been back!

MissWimpyDimple Wed 16-Oct-13 20:22:07

Oh dear. That doesn't sound too promising confused

CreamyCooler Thu 17-Oct-13 14:06:07

I haven't been in January but went one Feb half term and really enjoyed it. We all just wore normal winter clothes. I remember a bit of drizzle but not lots of rain. Ds3 was in a pushchair so we used that for storing gloves and hats. We had a proper lunch each day to break the day up and warm up.

mummymeister Thu 17-Oct-13 15:37:21

Been late nov/dec. it rains a lot and the weather is generally a bit british. if you wrap up for it and take plenty of changes of clothes it will be great. but it can get a bit grim being out in the rain whilst queueing and some of the water rides wont be open so best to check this out. tbh it is never not busy - just go prepared.

singaporefling Thu 17-Oct-13 15:46:50

I know you can obviously wear the 'right' clothes etc, but we did it one particularly cold March (snow/drizzle/grey skies) with our then 10 and 15 year old. There certainly weren't long queues and we were well wrapped up but it was really miserable/atmosphere was rubbish. I'm all for being positive/trying things (glamping/treks in forests etc) but we all wished we'd been there with a possibility of warmer weather and a bit more going on... You DID ask...

paperlantern Thu 17-Oct-13 15:53:46

I've be several times in feb. I hope for snow because Disney in the snow is beautiful.

thermal s and appropriate clothing and you'll have a blast

suebfg Sun 17-Nov-13 21:44:06

I've spent a lot of time in Paris over the years. There's no way I would choose to go that time of year - winter always feels much colder there.

WitchOfEndor Sun 17-Nov-13 22:01:37

If you take layers/coats and warm waterproof shoes you will be fine. A lot of the rides have queues indoors or partly covered, as long as it isn't pouring down or thunder and lightning then the rides will stay open. We went a few weeks ago and it rained everyday. We bought DS wellies ( don't ask how much they cost!), we had brought a puddle suit from home and he was happy as Larry. Dumbo shut one day when the rain was fairly non stop all morning but we just did all the inside rides instead, there are a lot of shows on in the Studios. Also you can grab a hot chocolate from a kiosk/restaurant and they have a coupon for another free hot drink later that day. If I had a choice I would wait until March time, but if it was a good deal I wouldn't let the weather put me off.

DowntonTrout Sun 17-Nov-13 22:06:34

We went over new year once. It was very cold and horrendously busy. If its out of school holidays you won't be standing in queues so long and the cold won't be so much of a problem.

Also went for the day one Saturday in feb a couple of years ago. Was fine, cold, but not overly busy and we got on everything we wanted to.

Crutchlow35 Tue 19-Nov-13 16:36:17

We went in January. Thermals and lots of layers. We loved it.

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