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Winter Sun..anywhere closer than the Canaries?

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sonnyd Mon 14-Oct-13 20:46:11

Planning a trip away at the end of November with DP and DS (2yo) for a few days of (hopefully) warm weather and pool time. We have loved Lanzarote in the past but tbh the 4 hour flight is now daunting with a v active there some magical, closer place with warm weather in Nov/Dec that I am ignorant to?!

Bunbaker Mon 14-Oct-13 20:56:54

No. You might get lucky, but there are no guarantees. The best alternative is to book somewhere that has an indoor pool.

nkf Mon 14-Oct-13 20:59:12

I think if you want sun guaranteed, it's Gran Canaria. Maybe North Africa. Tunisia etc.

commanderprimate Mon 14-Oct-13 20:59:49

What about Madeira? I was thinking of going there earlyJan, anyone had any experience of it then?

sonnyd Mon 14-Oct-13 22:25:19

Madeira does look lovely, but flight is about the same as to the Canaries. Hmmmn, reckon we'll have to take the plunge for the long(ish) flight!

Iggity Mon 14-Oct-13 22:32:05

We went to Valencia last October and was about 30 degrees. Not sure what November is like but certainly will be warmer than the UK I would think.

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