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Mousses 2014 -my booking no longer valid - anyone else?

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RainbowBear Thu 10-Oct-13 20:35:37

A bit of a rant here. Booked for two weeks August 2014 with Thompson a couple of months ago - get an email from Mousses today (we have been before so must be on their list) saying they have moved to Simpson and all next year's bookings with them. Obviously can't get through to Thompson due to their 45 minute queues. Phone Simpsons who confirm this - and new price is whoppingly expensive. At new price we can only affrord one week not two. apparently this is legal - so anyone else silly enough to have booked in advance and thought they had a holiday next summer in Mousses might find this interesting information. Unless Thomspon have let everyone know that their bookings are no longer valid, except me.

Aghh, where to find another 1.5k in a sea of bills and compromises!

CaurnieBred Sat 12-Oct-13 16:13:14

This happened to us with Thomson a couple of years ago. They had to match like for like. Luckily we had booked through the agent, not online, so the agent was able to fight for our corner as they tried to tell us that 2 weeks in a room in an all inclusive family hotel was the same as 2 weeks in a platinum one bedroom apartment half board were the same because the cost was the same. Our opinion was that as we had booked using a free child place for the apartment, the cost wouldn't have been the same.

Head office tried to say that there was no way we could guarantee that we would have got the free child place at the hotel but the agent supported us and said that as we had booked the day the holidays went on sale, we would have got the free child place.

We ended up having to change the dates sightly (by 3 days) and paying a bit more - I think £200, to stay at another platinum resort in a one bedroom apartment all inclusive (which in fact has now been turned into the First Choice Holiday Village in Menorca). The extra cost was to cover the change from half board to all inclusive.

RainbowBear Sun 13-Oct-13 17:54:08

thanks - thompson still saying they think they have the property, in spite of simpsons and mousses declaring it has left them.

and i felt so smug for booking up way in advance!

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