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Majorca (Alcudia) October? warm enough? Public transport?

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MarshmallowFarm Sun 06-Oct-13 15:28:44

Has anyone been to Majorca (specifically Alcudia) in October half term? Was it warm-ish? Am thinking of taking the DC but won't be driving - aside from a taxi from the airport, is it easy to get around?

Thanks v much in advance for any replies!

purple15 Sun 06-Oct-13 19:52:57

We have been to Majorca twice in October half term.
The first time we stayed in Sa Coma and the weather was fantastic. Really hot ! Every day really hot. Wonderful.
The year later we went again, and the weather was cold and raining for about three out of the seven day, we stayed at Santa Ponsa. Because of the rain and cold it put a different atmosphere on the holiday and the whole of the resort seemed to be packing up for the season, which I didn't like.
I think it is a gamble, it could be red hot, but it is the rainy season, so it could be poor. This year we went in May half term and again we were unfortunate the photographs are on my fridge the first three days were cold with no sun and then the sun came out and it was lovely.

Getting about in Majorca especially Alcudia is so simple. The buses are really frequent and really cheap. I definitely advise public transport.

monopoly123 Sun 06-Oct-13 21:00:55

There's a bus that goes from ports pollensa, through Alcudia and to c'an piqufort (not sure on the spelling, sorry). It was cheap, easy and frequent.
I'm not sure how warm it'll be, I remember going to Ibiza in October half term as a child and spending days at the beach, water park but it rained a bit.

MarshmallowFarm Mon 07-Oct-13 15:37:15

thanks for your replies, all very useful info!

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