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Which Disneyland Paris hotel? Recommendations anyone?

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freakazoidroid Fri 04-Oct-13 11:18:19

We are going to Disneyland Paris in early may.We have booked the Eurostar , now need to book the hotel. I am not sure where to book.
We are travelling with our 6 yr ok dd. The Disneyland hotel is very expensive, is it really worth it? What are the other hotels like?
Do you get the same breakfasts at all the hotels or is the quality different?
We are planning this to be a once in a lifetime trip, so want to get it right. Also are the characters around in all the hotels? Is it worth staying in one with the characters around?
As you can see, any advice would be great!

Leopoldina Fri 04-Oct-13 11:21:14

we stayed at the New York hotel. Small dark rooms, tiny bathroom - purely functional all round. Didn't use the facilities like the in house restaurant - it was just for sleeping in. Deeply over priced set against any other kind of hotel experience, but hey, Minnie drops by at breakfast time and you get into the park early...
The quality of the breakfast is pretty dire.
I think the Disneyland hotel is supposed to be very much better quality but it is pretty much twice the price to it wants to be. You'll not spend much time in it anyway.

MotheringShites Fri 04-Oct-13 11:24:44

If you want to splash out I think the Disneyland Hotel is worth it. The rooms were good, breakfast great and there's a really nice atmosphere. The best thing is obviously the location. You can literally fall into the park for magic hours and its easy to pop back during the day if you need a break from the madness!

mummymeister Fri 04-Oct-13 11:54:30

Yes, we went to the Disneyland hotel as well. met the characters after meals and everything really nearby. it made the trip for our 3. if you can afford it then push the boat out and stay there.

MelanieCheeks Fri 04-Oct-13 12:03:34

I've stayed in the Disneyland Hotel and it is totally fabulous - if you can afford it, do it. And in my experience their breakfasts are better.

Other onsite hotels vary, but have the advantage that you can nip back for an afternoon rest. Characters will hover around these hotels.

Slightly further out, but still reachable by a free shuttle bus which operates every 10-15 minutes are the Explorers/ Magic Circus/ Dream Castle/ Kyriad. No characters in the hotel, but you could book a character breakfast, or dinner in Cafe Mickey, and be guaranteed some one-on-one time with a selection of characters.

Is DD into the princesses? Make sure you get a slot for their meet-and-greets at princess Pavilion.

Plenty of great up to the minute advice on Trip Advisor's dedicated DLP forum.
And once in the park, I heartly recommend Guest relations at City Hall for any queries, dinner or show reservations, or any other assistance and advice.

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