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Algarve, Portugal in Mid-October

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dreamingofsun Tue 01-Oct-13 09:54:36

lagos is lovely. been there twice. we were walking distance to about 6 or so beaches this year as stayed on western edge of town. these varied between small coves between cliffs and long sandy beaches. not sure what its like in oct though and it was pretty windy in summer

zenoushka Mon 30-Sep-13 21:27:50

Thank you - that's really helpful!

Have a great holiday x

ApplesinmyPocket Sun 29-Sep-13 16:38:00

We always go the first week in October. Last year it was hot and sunny every day - perfect temp of about 25/26 - shorts and swimsuits all day and just a light cardie needed in the evenings. The average in mid-October is about 22 I'd say, with if you are lucky, only a few showers.

Lagos is very nice - with a beautiful, if small, beach, Praia don Ana (and others nearby) but in my view Albufeira is a little more fun and in October will not be full of mad party-goers. If you go there, AVOID The Strip end except for a quick look perhaps, and stay in or near the Old Town which is full of charm. There are some lovely beaches along this part of the coast reachable by cheap local bus or car. has lots of useful info, links to official weather forecasts, a webcam onto the beach, and a forum where knowledgeable people will answer your questions. A useful starting point even if you decide to go further West, Lagos direction.

Loulé is a well-known inland shopping town, quite sophisticated, with weekly markets (some good, some rubbish); Silves, also inland, has a lovely castle and is worth a visit. Both places are easy to get to with a local tour or by car.

If you decide on Lagos, most people seem to visit Sagres which is the extreme Western end and from where the 15th century navigators set out.

We leave for Albufeira tomorrow but unfortunately the weather has taken a chancy turn with showers and storms. It will be much warmer than the UK even so. Hope you have a nice holiday!

zenoushka Fri 27-Sep-13 16:46:41

We've heard good things about Lagos in the West of the Algarve and are considering basing ourselves there.

zenoushka Fri 27-Sep-13 13:51:33


My DH and I have just booked flights to Faro in Portugal for 5 days in Mid-October. We're desperately in need of a holiday as we've been working really hard and barely seen one another since we both started new jobs in the last few months.

Any tips and advice on where to stay, what to do etc would be very much appreciated. What is the likelihood of warm temperatures and lots of sun around that period? We just want a really chilled out and relaxing break.


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