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Paris - dont know where to start, to stay, to visit, to eat...please give me your recommendations

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hulahoopsilove Wed 18-Sep-13 13:21:04

We have the chance next spring to go for a long weekend to Paris, we can also go Eurostar first class. Never ben before, dont know what to expect, can you help.recommend:

Eurostar first class - what do you get for this?

Where to stay - would like lovely but not stupid prices

Where to visit - whilst we are there, I would love to do the touristy bits like The Louvre, boat trip etc...

Where to eat - daytime and evening reasonably prices then one blow out night in a gorgeous restuarant

dyslexicdespot Wed 18-Sep-13 14:43:21

I highly recommend finding a place to stay on airbnb. I don't think I will ever stay in a traditional hotel again!

Paris is a wonderful city. Have a blast.

Snowlike Sat 19-Oct-13 23:26:30

We stayed in a mr & mrs smith recommended apartment in the 9th, brilliant location...close to shopping, good restaurants and the eurostar. Paris is dead on Sunday nights and booked out on Saturday nights...I'd put some thought into where to be on those nights as good spontaneous eats weren't as easy to come by.

fuzzpig Sat 19-Oct-13 23:41:17

Visit Montmartre at night. Stunning smile

Snowlike Sat 19-Oct-13 23:51:15

I was very meh about the Eiffel Tower - to spite me the setting and it was stunning!

ILoveAFullFridge Sun 20-Oct-13 00:05:09

Monet's Waterlilies at the Orangerie
Musée Rodin
The Catacombs at Place d'Enfer

Personally, I would stay at a cheap and atmospheric hotel slap bang in the middle of town, room only, and have breakfast in a cafe. I've stayed at Hotel Home Latin (a year or two ago) and at Hotel Marignan (several years ago) and both were great. But then I'm the sort who would consider using the facilities of a fancy hotel to be a complete waste of time when there's Paris to explore!

ILoveAFullFridge Sun 20-Oct-13 00:07:29

There's a lovely ice-cream that youcan only get on the Ilede la Cité - but I can't remember the name!

ILoveAFullFridge Sun 20-Oct-13 00:09:31

Climb theArc de Triomphe on a clear day, then hoping theRER to La Defense.

bellabelly Sun 20-Oct-13 00:14:31

Be sure to go to the Musee D'Orsay, tis fab! It's a long time since I went to Paris but the Bouillon Racine is a great restaurant link - v Art Nouveau and there's a great ice cream place on Ile St Louis called Berthillon. Ile St Louis and Le Marais are lovely places to just wander about.

Really nice to get a bateau mouche boat ride up the Seine.

HumpdaySelfie Sun 20-Oct-13 00:53:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HumpdaySelfie Sun 20-Oct-13 00:58:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lovage Sun 20-Oct-13 21:57:42

If you are staying 3 or more nights you can rent an apartment, rather than just a hotel room. IME that gets you a nicer more central place than the same money on a hotel. Also you can do little bits of cooking if you want to and then go to fancier places for the meals you do eat out. Also of course you have lots more space in an apartment. And you can pretend to be a Parisian, if that floats your boat.

I love La Sainte Chappelle (near Notre Dame, but much nicer). If classical music is your kind of thing, they often have concerts there in the evening.

Montmatre is very touristy but romantic. Strolling around it in the evening is especially romantic.

I don't get on with The Louvre -too ginormous, too crowded, too overwhelming. I always come away feeling crap. But if you were really selective and just looked at a few things, it might be okay.

Bateaux Mouches or similar are great for resting your tired feet (and also really interesting and informative).

I went Eurostar 1st class once and I think all it got you was a slightly wider seat and a free meal which was pretty uninspiring - like airline food basically. Probably free wifi too.

Hope you have a great time. I want to go back to Paris now!

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