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palehorsey Wed 18-Sep-13 11:01:05

Going to Barcelona for 2 days in October. Can anyone recommend anything usual/cool to do in that space of time? We're planning on visiting the cathedral and gothic quarter. What else should we pencil in?

elQuintoConyo Fri 27-Sep-13 14:50:38

We lived all over the city for five years, Gracia twice. Now we've settled in Tarragona, about an hour south. Don't go up to The Big Smoke as often as we'd like.
Which reminds me, proper Gracia folk would say they were 'going to Barcelona' if they strayed south of Diagonal!

OP: I'd recommend avoiding:
Las Ramblas (tourist crowds and pickpockets)
Plaça Reial (nowt special, tourist crowds and more pickpockets!)
La Pedrera apartments (if you go to La Pedrera, do the rooftop, far more impressive because the apartment is all modern reproductions, nothing original)

Authentic tapas can be found centrally: up Rambla Catalunya, turn left onto C/Mallorca it's called... ah bollocks, I can't bloody remember angry well, if you are up that way, it's on your immediate left. Cerveceria Catalana? I may have to google earth it!

C/Joaquin Costa (just off central Plaça Universitat) is fabulous for funky bars.

I'm off to be jealous! Enjoy your trip smile

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