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Where to go on honeymoon with an 18 month baby

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lotsofthingstolearn Sun 15-Sep-13 20:46:06

my DP and I are after some MN recommendations

We're getting married next year (June) and looking for somewhere suitable for honeymoon- shorthall

Somewhere that little bit different / luxurious yet caters for children- thinking Portugal, Italy but also open to recommendations.

Somewhere near the beach and also "nice" town/bars & restaurants within walking distance so toddler can go to sleep in pram and no need to drive etc.


lotsofthingstolearn Sun 15-Sep-13 20:46:37


Portofino Mon 16-Sep-13 09:02:01

We went to Sardinia on our honeymoon (in June) when dd was 15 months old. It was fabulous. We stayed here in Cannigione. Everything was within walking distance, but we did hire a car to explore some of the beaches. Food was wonderful. We had a 2 room apartment so we could at least do simple food if we wanted, and we could put dd to bed and sit on the terrace. We went out to eat most nights and found everyone very welcoming.

Some photos here = scroll down past the memorial flowers....

blossomblowing Wed 02-Oct-13 09:24:40

we jsut got back from caserio del mirador and there were several honeymooners there with babies. the website is a very honest representation of what you get, except the setting is even amazing in real life! (easy flight to alicante and hrie a car)

summerlovingliz Thu 02-Jan-14 18:59:50

We went to Tenerife Sensatori with our 12 month old for our honeymoon! V easy and babies really well catered for, fabulous place and got that wow factor for your honeymoon! Check it out smile

Turquoiseblue Sat 04-Jan-14 14:47:43

We went to Italy - Luca and the cinque terre - stayed in places we booked from 'Alastair saw days ' special places, recommendations. Loved it. DS was 18 months at the time. Cinque terre probably done easier with sling not buggy though if you do decide.

heather1 Sat 04-Jan-14 14:49:32 are fantastic. We went to one in Serfaus Austria and it was amazing, I didn't want to leave.

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