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Thinking of going to alicante, where do I need to be staying?

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lizandlulu Fri 06-Sep-13 09:42:55

We usually go to benidorm once or twice a year and want to try alicante in October, is it best to stay near the port/ harbour or whatever it is? I have 2 dd, 2 and 7 and want somewhere child frendily and not ar from the centre. Any suggestions?

Thank you

sofi0308 Mon 09-Sep-13 22:01:42

do you hire a car? the big hotel next to the marina in alicante is ace, right on the sand, with family rooms and the old town just 2 mins walk. think its called the sol melia, then we went one hour up the road to Caserio del Mirador which is mumsnet top european hotel, you cant fly to alicante and not consider it, superb choice for young families, i am afraid nothing else comes close. or talk to them about where else to stay, they will have some ideas if you need some help with something lower budget.

lizandlulu Sun 12-Jan-14 21:37:33

Right, still haven't been to alicante!!! And still need help deciding!

What I really need to know is, is it set out the same as benidorm?with The the beach and sea one side and streets and shops behind that?

If we stay in the front somewhere overlooking the sea, can we walk to the town? Is the town behind the front?

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