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Disney paris- Davie Crockett

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Mummynic13 Tue 03-Sep-13 14:15:44

Hi all,

We are off to disney land next summer and are staying at Davie Crockett Ranch in standard accommodation. Has anyone been? Also booked a standard meal plan and hope to use the vouchers as part payment on night for dinner at cafe mickey. What is the value of the vouchers? Children will be 11,6,4,2 any tips for when we are there? I've never been and super excited. Staying for 4 nights. I doubt we will do buffalo bills, it looks very expensive and I think the lunch with the princesses would be lovely but a bit too fancy and my one son would hate it!! Any tips on what to bring too?

squirkle Sun 08-Sep-13 18:58:06

hi, I have been to Disneyland Paris several times, never stayed at Davy Crockett's but I will try to answer your questions anyway.

the face value of the standard half board vouchers is around €26 for adults and €13 for children. you can use them as part payment for a Café Mickey meal but won't get the free drinks that way, although you are free to choose whatever you like from the menu so ordering pizza, chips, garlic bread etc. to all share could be the best option. You can get an idea of the prices on this website. same applies to the princess meal at Auberge de Cendrillion, but you are right it is pricy (though lovely experience IMO) and offers traditional French cuisine, which might not be to everyone's taste. It is recommended to make restaurant reservations in advance, especially for character meals as they fill up very quickly.

My number 1 tip on what to bring, as it always catches UK visitors out, is a kettle!!!! None of the Disney Hotels I've stayed at (or any others in France) have one as standard in the rooms, where as even the most budget travel lodges place here do. They can be requested on a first come, first served basis and usually for a €30 deposit, but I find it easy to just take my own. As Davy Crockett overs self-catering facilities this may be different so it might be worth calling in advance to find out. Also I think I've heard that they don't have toasters in the cabins either so check this if its important to you.

I hope you all have a lovely trip and if you have any other questions feel free to ask smile

SugarMiceInTheRain Sun 08-Sep-13 19:10:09

We've stayed at Davy Crockett Ranch 3 times and loved it. The last time we went, we had the standard meal plan - it was great. I thought Cafe Mickey character breakfasts were much better value for money than the dinners there, plus it's all you can eat, and we only paid a small amount on top of the breakfast vouchers. Kids loved meeting the characters at Cafe Mickey as the queues to meet characters in the park are ridiculous these days.

Plaza Gardens restaurant was good, as was the one in the Davy Crockett Ranch village. The latter had a BBQ going on outside as well as the indoor buffet. Loads to choose from and both those restaurants cater to just about everyone's tastes! IMO the drinks are quite small and you will probably need to order more than the one that comes with your meal - they are quite pricey. Alternatively, try to make it last/ ask for a jug of water at the table.

They do have kettles in the Davy Crockett Ranch kitchens, but no toasters. My tip would be go to a hypermarket and buy some cheese/ ham/ other sandwich fillings because we were given more baguettes than we could eat in our breakfast hamper so we took them into the park along with fillings and drinks, and voila, cheap lunch!

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