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Is Euro Disney is worth going to?

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mynameismskane Mon 02-Sep-13 22:20:31

...or should I wait a few years and take the kids to Disney in Florida? My children are 6 and 4 I'm just not sure if we (DH and I) should spend money on Euro Disney or wait until the kids are a bit older and go to Florida?!

Would love some advice?!

MortifiedAdams Thu 05-Sep-13 07:57:11

Oph thats good to.know. We are restricted to school.hols due to DHs work and May seems so.much more appealing than winter!

FairyPenguin Thu 05-Sep-13 07:09:17

We went in May half term, and loved it. DCs are 6 and 3.5. I would say plan ahead, I read lots of advice on the Tripadvisor forum, bought the Brit guidebook, booked our meals before we left (doesn't require a deposit and you can always cancel), knew which rides were good for wet weather and which ones are outdoor. Great help as we had mixed weather and covered everything by working tactically.

Yes, it requires some research,but it was worth it. The majority of it I did in the week before, and the holiday itself was relaxing as a result. It was not at all busy - apparently the May half term is the best uk school holiday to go as the French do not have that as a school holiday.

mynameismskane Thu 05-Sep-13 06:43:34

I doubt it is the Disney film that give your cousins entitled attitudes hmm
More like it is the parenting that goes on...

Ericaequites Wed 04-Sep-13 21:17:28

Hermione- I have two young cousins who watch far too much Disney and have very entitled attitudes.

RowanMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 04-Sep-13 15:09:43


This isn't really an AIBU so we're moving it to Shorthaul.


MortifiedAdams Wed 04-Sep-13 09:54:50

Gosh I feel like im.going to need a notebook to plan this weekend away grin

MadeOfStarDust Wed 04-Sep-13 09:40:29

If you fly and stay a couple (or more) nights in a Disney hotel it is expensive, if you do as we did - take the ferry, stay in the Kyriad or any other cheapish local hotel it is not.....

BoysWillGrow Wed 04-Sep-13 09:34:13

hi, could someone do a break down of the cost of why is it so expensive, I've looked online and it looks fairly cheap considering I've heard from friends you need at least £1500 for DLP. I was thinking of taking the DC3 as their christmas present but when i add it up the prices seem reasonable and no where near £1500, what am i missing out.

LeGavrOrf Wed 04-Sep-13 09:17:19

I wouldn't mind being a Mitford sister. Obviously the non nazi ones.

hermioneweasley Wed 04-Sep-13 09:15:28

My daughter wanted a bow and arrow for her birthday so she coukd be like "brave".

It terrifies me that she's such a pink obsessed simpering little thing. NOT.

MadeOfStarDust Wed 04-Sep-13 09:12:23

Mulan, the Incredibles, Princess and the Frog, etc - the more modern films that show kick-ass women as empowered and in charge of their world don't seem to count as Disney - just the dated stuff from another era.... p.s. my girls took up mixed martial arts partly due to Mulan... worked their way up to black belts and are now practising hard for their second dan... so I agree that yes they do influence kids, but as parents it is up to us to point out the stereotyping...

Any money spent with Disney makes money for the government of the country involved through taxation and money for shareholders and money for the local economy (even if you are "trapped" on site, the staff are not) and money for the Disney worldwide charitable foundation..... oh as well as a providing a holiday for the ones that pay for it.....

OP - would always recommend May as a time of year to go - seems to be quieter, sunnier - less rain , but not stiflingly hot. But may go in Oct/Nov/Dec next time ourselves as it would be nice to see the Halloween and Christmas seasonal stuff too....

hermioneweasley Wed 04-Sep-13 08:15:59

Gosh, Ericae, generalising much?

Ericaequites Wed 04-Sep-13 02:49:29

Why not go to Hell with the little ones instead? It would be more educational, and have real ponies besides. I would rather my daughter took after any of the Mitford sisters than aspired to be like a Disney Princess. Any money spent with Disney encourages unhealthy stereotypes.

BeaWheesht Wed 04-Sep-13 00:02:32

We've been this summer with ds (6) and dd (2.9) and we all had a fabulous time, hardly any queues. Kids adored meeting characters and just seeing everything. We stayed in Newport bay hotel and had a picnic lunch and then maccy d / sandwich / pasta for dinner so that we didn't spend billions on food.

Parade is magical, rides are great, yes it's cheesy and expensive and noisy and blingy but I think it's fantastic and tbh I was almost dreading going beforehand! It was just lovely seeing the kids being so enthralled by it all, dd just loved it so so much more than I thought she would and ds who spends most of his time trying to be 'cool' at home was my little boy again 😃

Cheesy but true!

LoveSewingBee Tue 03-Sep-13 23:49:37

It is VERY commercial, and thus very expensive. A large part is basically an expensive shopping mall ... Queues are horrendous, service is poor. Yes, you can stay overnight in the car park furthest away of the entrance for 35 pounds UNTIL midnight and then 35 pounds again. So, if you arrive at 8 in the morning and leave before midnight you pay 35 pounds, if you leave the next morning you pay 70 pounds AND NO there are NO toilets, no showers, no nothing.

Go to the Efteling in the Netherlands whichmis,the largest theme park in Europe with a mini camping 300 m walk away or stay in the fabulous Efteling hotel. Much much better value for money.

elQuintoConyo Tue 03-Sep-13 23:17:12

I went in January 1998 for one nigt, cost £14 including one night stay in a Disney hotel and one full day pass. It was cold, it rained for about an hour until the parade started - and the sun shone smile many things were closed for winter - rides and hotel stuff.
We'll still be taking DS in a few years.
Spain has a big holiday week/long weekend at the beginning of December: 6&8 are both holidays, often it's stretched into a long weekend. Not this year, though, 6th is Friday so a short hols.
Hth grin

Rufus43 Tue 03-Sep-13 22:51:30

Food is pretty dire in the cheaper in park places, Ludwigs castle is quite nice, I would stay in the sequoia lodge. It's mid range price wise

Rufus43 Tue 03-Sep-13 22:49:53

Very easy to drive (according to my husband) and we have gone in the 2nd week of November for 6 years, early October once

Guitargirl Tue 03-Sep-13 22:25:42

Peppa Pig World <hollow laugh>

Speaking from bitter experience that really is a special kind of hell wink

Our DCs love it there too though! We have just got back from a 2 -day visit there, as they were going to bed, I could hear DD wistfully saying 'I wish Peppa Pig World was the whole world'...hmm

catinabox Tue 03-Sep-13 22:19:51

My DC are still v.tiny. I hope i never have to endure Disney. I'll hold back my judgement until the oldest is 10.

....I would go to Peppa Pig world though smile

Floralnomad Tue 03-Sep-13 22:05:54

catinabox we've also done that stuff over the years and TBH The Eden Project ,which we have done twice is my children's worst nightmare . Much as I love DLP I wouldn't stay at either the Sante Fe or Cheyenne .

devilinside Tue 03-Sep-13 22:01:35

No, disliked it. DD (8)wasn't particularly impressed, she doesn't 'do' the whole princess thing. DS (ASD) was overwhelmed, jumped around, climbed, ran off and got lost. We had exit passes because of DS, and felt so sorry for the people that had to queue for 2 hours to go on a mediocre ride. The parade was the only good thing. Much preferred Parc Asterix

Guitargirl Tue 03-Sep-13 22:01:15

Melanie - exactly, it would have been a very frustrating experience I think if we had just shown up without some plan. But don't get me wrong, there were moments which couldn't have been planned. For instance, during the Stitch Live show, Stitch 'spoke' with DD who was only one of two children given the microphone. When we had lunch at the princess place, we were allocated a table right next to the dancefloor in front of Cinderella's coach, stuff like that was magical for the DCs. The rest of it was planned by me on the laptop in our living room!

MelanieCheeks Tue 03-Sep-13 21:49:59

I'm a planner. I reseach holdays well in advance, and have a colour co-ordinated spreadsheet printed out and in a special document folder that I carry with me every holiday...

OK I think we've learned here that DLP suits those who can do that sort of planning, and can be frustrating for the "aimless wandering" type holiday makers (like wot my husband is....seethe.....)

Camping is my idea of hell.

This thread is a great way of sharing what you enjoy and dislike about a holdiay that is routinely touted as "magic", but let's you know what the reality is.

RaspberryLemonPavlova Tue 03-Sep-13 21:33:53

catinabox we've done most of that. DD (13) spent the night on top of Scafell Pike last year in a bivvy bag. She went on a trip abroad with Scouts after we got back from Disney and swam in an alpine glacier fed lake and half a dozen other experiences.

But she still 'can't actually believe we went to Disney, I didn't think we would ever do that'!

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