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Is Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show ok for 3 year olds?

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WitchOfEndor Mon 02-Sep-13 14:26:47

Thinking about booking Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in Disneyland Paris but I'm not sure if it would be too scary for DS(3). He has watched the Moteurs stunt show and he was ok but not happy about the stuntman who burst into flames. Just wondering how much of the show is noisy gun battle?

LIZS Mon 02-Sep-13 14:28:34

dd enjoyed it younger than that and was really sensitive to noise . Not too much gunfighting iirc, mainly animal herding.

tory79 Mon 02-Sep-13 14:31:52

I thnk it would be fine, when I went dsd was 4 and enjoyed it, BUT, and a big but, I honestly thought it was horrifically over priced for whatbit is. Unless you are dead set on doing it I would use the funds for other things!

WitchOfEndor Mon 02-Sep-13 15:32:46

Thanks both, yes it is pricy and he isn't into cowboys and Indians yet so I might just give it a miss.

tory79 Mon 02-Sep-13 22:38:07

Then definitely skip it, it felt like an utter rip off to be honest.

zipzap Mon 02-Sep-13 23:49:58

We've just come back from DLP (staying in a disney hotel) having also been a couple of years ago. This year everything seemed so expensive - it was bad then but this year it seems to have jumped up another notch or two. Particularly for food.

One day we ended up in Planet Hollywood, had two adult main courses (pasta, nothing big or fancy or expensive), two kiddy menus, two beers, a cocktail and three soft drinks - came to over 80 euro. Another day we were near buzz lightyear ride in discoveryland and were too tired to walk all the way back to McDonalds to get a meal so thought we'd get the same thing in the Videopolis place and watch cartoons while we were at it. Two adult meal deals for chicken burgers (cheaper than buying burger and drink), then they didn't do chicken nuggets in a child or adult meal deal so 2x nuggets, chips and drinks for the ds - came to over 50 euro.

We did manage to drive to the Val d'europ shopping centre and have a couple of meals - even the mcdonalds there is cheaper than the one in disney village and we had a nice pizza meal for less than 40 euro for us all. Also bought ham, cheese, bread, bit of salad etc and had a picnic one night in the room - if there had been a fridge in the room then buying another baguette and the stuff we had would have been fine for a couple of nights. But no fridge so we gorged on the ham etc and then had to throw the rest away the next morning. In hindsight if we'd realised there was no fridge in the room, even a sturdy cool box and buying a bag of ice for it from the supermarket (actually there was an ice machine in the hotel too) would have been cheaper and kept stuff OK for a day I'd have thought.

didn't bother with the wild west show sorry so not sure about it - didn't hear anybody talking about it even, although a few people were wearing their hats they got from it.

we also managed to not spot the board showing the times for the disney characters meet and greets around breakfast as it wasn't somewhere we passed by on our normal routes - much easier to see the characters there than at the main park. Also we discovered that we could have paid about ?15 euro to upgrade our own breakfast or ?5 euro for the dc and have a character breakfast with a couple of characters at the hotel that they really didn't plug at all, certainly not like the big one at cafe mickey which seemed really expensive. Breakfast would still have been identical to the one served by the hotel in its other restaurants though - it really was paying for the privilege of having the characters there!

finally if you decide to do the light show at night, make sure you are there in really good time - like an hour before or something. We wandered over getting there just before it started as suggested in the hotel, only to discover the crowds were packed all the way down main street so you could only see a very little of what was happening. we managed to edge forward but ended up behind some trees and couldn't get any further so saw a bit more but pretty rubbish really. the dc loved it (8 and a very young 5) and would have gone again but dh and I were too tired and just found the crowds too overwhelming!

hope you have a great time anyhow!

WitchOfEndor Tue 03-Sep-13 14:31:26

tory DH was keen but I think I have managed to put him off.

Gosh zipzap thanks for all the info, we have been offered half board at £24 for adults £11 for DS so I think we will snap that up!

zipzap Wed 04-Sep-13 22:27:45

Check out the - they have the menus for all the restaurants on site and in disney village (where there are just shops and restaurants), along with the prices, so you'll get an idea of what your money will get you.

They also have loads of other useful info about the place, the rides, organising your visit...

Oh and there are apps that give useful info too - both beforehand when planning and while you are there for things like queue times, but make sure you have sussed out data roaming on your phone beforehand as you don't want to get home and discover a bill for hundreds, even though you don't think you are downloading much stuff, some apps like to do stuff in the background and you can download loads without realising it. Doesn't usually matter at home when you have plenty of data allowance. When you're paying 50p a Mb or whatever it makes a difference!

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