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Anyone Been to Gozo?

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turkeyboots Mon 02-Sep-13 15:48:47

Thanks for the link. Honeymoon was 10years ago and have no idea what we saw (v tramatic wedding with misbehaving relatives) but it was great and the place really resonated with us.

DramaAlpaca Sat 31-Aug-13 18:00:46

Yes, amazing history, like nothing anywhere else in Europe. Amazing to think those temples are older than the pyramids in Egypt.

msmiggins Sat 31-Aug-13 17:35:18

It's lovely to hear of other who have visited. For me the highlight of the holiday was the Ġgantija temples- over 6000 years old and a godess temple. The whole tiny island buzzes with life force.

DramaAlpaca Sat 31-Aug-13 17:29:09

We went there on honeymoon many years ago & loved it. There was lots to see & we did day trips to Malta.

We stayed in a stunning converted farmhouse built around a courtyard close to a village. It's so long ago I can't remember exactly where it was, but it was fantastic. Gozo really is a hidden gem.

Dontletthemgetyoudown Sat 31-Aug-13 17:27:39

I've been there a few times. Usually day trips from Malta though. My dad lived there as a child so we have visited a lot.

msmiggins Sat 31-Aug-13 17:24:04

We stayed here:

Clean quiet, huge rooms, Quite moorish in design. Where did you visit on your day trip?

turkeyboots Sat 31-Aug-13 16:51:53

Did a day trip there from Malta on honeymoon and have always said we'd go back.

Any recommendations?

msmiggins Sat 31-Aug-13 16:49:18

I have just spent the most amazing holiday this summer and I am completely blown away by this fantasic place. I have teenage children who are open to exploring, but just wondered if anyone else has found this hidden gem of an island.

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