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Can someone tell me about Italy/Lake Garda?

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cakeaddict Sun 01-Sep-13 12:43:06

Thanks for the suggestions and links - I've got plenty of research to do! I do really like the sound of exploring and visiting lots of different places around Lake Garda - I'm just still not sure that kind of holiday, at the hottest part of the year, with my 2 DC is particularly compatible... maybe when they are a bit older.

Bunbaker Sun 25-Aug-13 10:34:49

We have just come back from a fabulous week in Sirmione. There is a sort of beach area - Jamaica beach, but there is no sand and at this time of year it is extremely crowded because everyone in Italy is on holiday. We aren't bothered about beaches though so we loved the area.

If your children love beaches this link shows the best beaches in Italy.

I stayed in Gabicce Mare many years ago and loved it, but our travel agent says it has now become over commercialised for my taste, but it does have a good beach.

teabagpleb Sat 24-Aug-13 12:34:15

There were some sandy bits, possibly manufactured, near Bardolino. There's also a great water park nearby, next to Gardaland, lots of small castles to explore, cable car up into the Dolomites at Malscesine, crazy golf, etc.

If you went somewhere with a shallow pool would think great for small kids - thinking of taking mine next year.

Sandgroper Sat 24-Aug-13 11:39:00


We have just come back from 2 weeks in Stresa, Lake Maggiore with two small DD's.

It was a fabulous place with kids, however the beach and I use the term very loosely was shingle and rocky.. No building sandcastles here but the kids swam in the lake regardless. It has a lovely playground just behind it so was perfect for ours.

We stayed in an apartment right in the centre of town which was beautifully refurbished but was a bit quirky and bedrooms all on different levels, no pool and only outside space were two small terraces. Having said that we were a 5 minute walk to the ferry, lake and the ferry port. We hardly used the car at all. Lots of lovely restaurants very close by etc. I would go back again but would look for a house with pool or maybe one if the hotels on the lake which had pools.

Sorry accommodation not much help but a fab place with kids...

Good luck.

massistar Thu 22-Aug-13 17:22:03

Depends where you go really, I wouldn't say more so than Garda.

In saying that, we were lucky enough to stay in DH's uncle's holiday home there!

cakeaddict Thu 22-Aug-13 16:59:26

Thanks, that's useful. Will look into Sardinia, that was also down as a possibility - is it eye-wateringly expensive though?

LIZS Thu 22-Aug-13 16:53:57

The beaches are a grainy sand so not good for sandcastle making. often there is a grassy area slightly set back form the lakeside for picnics and sitting and you can clamber over the rocks then paddle or swim. Many hotels/apartments have pools and activities. Plenty of young families around though and various attractions dotted around for all ages. buses and boats will get you around. High season can be very hot though , last few years it has been mid 30's -40 in Italian Lakes and Lake Garda in particular is very busy in earlier part of August.

massistar Thu 22-Aug-13 16:47:15

We went to Lazise on Lake Garda for a few days while in Italy. The town is beautiful and I loved walking along the lakeside at night. But I hated the "beach". It was very narrow, no sand and wall to wall people. Awful!

Luckily the agriturismo we stayed I had a little pool so we pottered there when was hot.

I'd say don't go there if its a beachy type holiday. Have you thought about Sardinia? Most stunning beaches I have ever seen!

cakeaddict Thu 22-Aug-13 16:23:25

We really fancy going to Italy next year, but struggling to think where would be a good destination. I like the look of Lake Garda, but don't know too much about it. The thing that puts me off is that the DC are still very much into sandcastle building etc. and I'm not sure if lakeside beaches will be, well, 'beachy', enough!

We would want self-catering, probably apartment but wouldn't rule out camping type place, with pool, close to beach and ideally want a town within walking distance for eating out & general pottering.

Any advice or suggestions of where might fit the bill?

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