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Holidays with a 14 month old. We are knackered and need a break. Does such a thing exist with a 14 month old?!

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loulouppy Fri 02-Aug-13 23:52:54

one more vote for
most relaxing holiday we ever had. your baby is perfect size for somewhere like this, except there arent any other places quite like this..

sofi0308 Tue 30-Jul-13 11:00:12

omg cannot imagine having to share my precious hols with inlaws and grandparents!! its not like you would actually be able to rely on them anyway so youre always half on the look out anyway..

so follow advice above, book at caserio del mirador, its mumnet top choice and its very laid back and easy and you can have black out rooms and toys and meals and the kids just potter about all the time and an easy drive from alicante airport..
we went with baby age 6months and again at 18 months and if your baby kicks off (or your DH is grumpy and useless) no one minds a bit.. honestly anyone that hasnt been abroad with their baby is really missing a trick, and an great experience for your and your family to chat about for years to come..

Fairylea Tue 30-Jul-13 08:34:09

Reading with interest... we have a 14 month old ds who will only sleep in his cot in the dark in silence for both naps and night time. We have given up hope of having any sort of holiday for the next few years!! (We also have dd aged 10).

I think it's only enjoyable if you have a very laid back baby who sleeps anywhere and everywhere and doesn't mind being pushed about in a buggy a lot... !

For us it just wouldn't work sad

We have however stayed in haven and stacked the beds in one room on top of one another to put the travel cot in there and ds was ok ish. But we wouldn't go abroad.

FreyaKItty Tue 30-Jul-13 08:26:56 It was about a half hour to the coast too (nice shallow water, playgrounds too)

Here is the link - they seem to have some availability.

FreyaKItty Mon 29-Jul-13 22:16:30

We went to a lovely place caserio del mirador in Spain last year. It's a small no of self catering apartments within a large house. But they do breakfast, kids tea, and communal dinner after kids in bed on terrace if you fancy (they will also drops dinner to apartment). They have a pool, apartments are all child friendly (toys etc). They have lots of lovely animals (rabbits, cats, pigs and goats). They have a website too. They're geared for small children.

LauraPashley Mon 29-Jul-13 20:39:15

Will your lo settle for both of you at night? If she would settle ok for your DH, why don't you stay at home and each book a couple of nights away on your own?! (This is my dream lol, but still bf-ing at night sad)
Actually although it is still hard work with a baby on hols, it does remove any need for housework/work/family obligations etc, so from that point of view it is a break of sorts!
We took dd to lake Garda when she was about 20 months - it was great, very lazy and we just made sure to give each other plenty of "time off". Also just napped when she did rather than trying to zoom around doing housework etc!

Arcticwaffle Mon 29-Jul-13 20:31:13

Frankly, if your baby screamed all night in Devon I wouldn't waste money on taking him/her abroad, they don't get less fussy the further you travel.

I am sympathetic, we found holidays with babies and toddlers pretty uphill work but you risk throwing good money after bad if you've got a child who won't settle.

Save the money for when they're a bit older and spend it on babysitting for time out at home instead.

forevergreek Mon 29-Jul-13 17:41:38

What about Barcelona? Short flight, Spanish love kids so if no sleep then welcome to play in restaurants at any hour, beach for digging, city for sightseeing.

Personally I would go for hotel as less work for you. You can eat out with baby, let baby sleep and eat out, or order room service ( or combo, ie order baby something small off room service early eve to eat, then let them fall asleep in pram on walk through city and then asleep when u eat)

CaptainUndercrackers Mon 29-Jul-13 17:35:07

I agree, holidays with small kids are not really any kind of break. If you're prepared to work as hard as you do at home, and just enjoy the change of scenery, then fine. Otherwise maybe you're better off taking the time off together, staying at home and planning some nice family days out and some alternate days off for each of you. That's what we're doing this year (2 year old + 4 month old).
Alternatively rope in grandparents to come and do all the work or maybe a villa holiday with friends so you can babysit for each other?

girlywhirly Mon 29-Jul-13 17:25:45

The problem with holidays, is that some DC don't adjust well to the changes. There are more issues for the parents such as lack of the usual equipment and toys (because you can't bring everything,) and safety issues can mean you end up watching your child like a hawk the whole time. It is no holiday for you. The only way to get any time to yourselves is to take grandparents with you so that they can share the load of childcare and you can get the odd day or evening to yourselves.

Having said that, the Spanish love DC and are very tolerant of them.

One thing I did see in Menorca this year, was DC sitting at the table in restaurants watching portable DVD players; whether or not they were eating. It seemed to give the parents enough breathing space to actually eat dinner themselves. Some of the DC were still babies!

elizabethtailored Mon 29-Jul-13 10:36:11

Holidays with a 14 month old. We are knackered and need a break. Does such a thing exist with a 14 month old?! Looking for a week in August as only time we can both get time off work. A manageable flight. A pool. By a beach would be lovely.

Self catering probably best. Our child does not sleep so we are really nervous of booking a holiday. We tried a week in Devon in April and had to come back as baby screamed all night, we ate our supper in shifts and basically never saw each other so came home early. Was really grim.

Not worried about kids clubs etc as we would like to spend time the three of us as we both work.

Any recommendations for a lovely villa with a pool? Would really like a villa that is actually nice inside so we can happily spend time in there as well as outside. Have not been a great fan of Lanzaote/Spain in the past.

Thank you.

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