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Anyone been to Nigloland near Troyes, Southern Champagne?

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BooToYouToo Wed 21-Aug-13 08:49:41

Well we went & it was fab - just as good as Disney or Chessington without the huge queues. Loads of coasters such as the Bobsleigh, a great log flume and a ride in the dark similar to Space Mountain. Also had the Grizzli which is like the Cobra at Chessington. Height limits were mostly 1.2 m - 1.40 for these but there were lots of smaller rides for young children.

Most queues were only 15 minutes except the Air Meeting which was an hour so maybe get there early and do that first. Get an outside plane if wanting to go upside down. There aren't any indications of how long the queues are nor a fast pass system.

We arrived at 10 am but had to queue for 40 minutes to park so my advice is get to the park around 9.30 as tickets open at 9.45 & rides start at 10.

grapesmummy Sun 21-Jul-13 22:24:19

we are staying near there in August and would love to know too

BooToYouToo Wed 17-Jul-13 14:26:52

Staying in a gite complex about 10 minutes away so will probably pay a visit but not sure if it is too young for my DC (9 and 11)? Is it more Legoland than Chessington if you see what I mean?

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