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Suggestions for Italy/Sardinia/South France in Sept with an 18mo

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alice93 Tue 23-Jul-13 23:59:31

An hour from Geneva airport is a place called Annecy (in France). There is a wide variety of things to do. I wouldn't know of an all inclusive resort but there might be something there. There are definitely hotels of all sorts. It's a family friendly area - so most places will accommodate children. It's warm, despite being in the foot hills of the Alps, you can swim in the lake (fresh, crystal clear water - as if its the sea without the salt! - and its warm, I used to live there and I wouldn't put a wetsuit on until October). There are the mountains & the town & restaurants.

LooSeatInTheSkyWithDiamonds Wed 17-Jul-13 12:32:29

Looking for suggestions for a warm, sunny holiday in Sept. Ideally an hour from either Naples, Rome, Nice or Olbia airports.

We've been toying with an all inclusive resort (low faff factor, decent pools for me and for DD) but I'm not keen on being marooned for a week, miles from anywhere interesting when we need a change of scene.

So does anyone know of a toddler friendly hotel/b&b/self catering place that might fit the bill? Or resort not marooned in the middle of nowhere? Have looked at lots of websites but difficult to tell whether they are good for an 18mo ie no sheer drops, fenced pools, flexible food arrangements?

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