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im looking for a villa in majorca....

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ThatVikRinA22 Fri 12-Jul-13 00:49:12

owners direct used to be my first port of call but OMG whats happened to the prices!!!???

i would like a villa with private pool. decent standard.
where else can i look?
would you believe that the best deal i have found is currently on James Villas.....a beautiful villa - if i get hte flights separately it works out cheaper.

its for 4 of us for August 2014. im getting boss eyed looking now....

ideas would be most welcome if anyone knows anywhere else to look...

firsttimemum12 Fri 12-Jul-13 01:15:16

Hi! smile
If you want the villa you've found and are just looking for flights then check, you can search specific dates, whole months and a few airports depending where you wanna go from!
I normally google short stay apartments for the country I'm looking for and has worked pretty well for me. I work in travel and the prices this year are ridiculous!
Hope that helps

firsttimemum12 Fri 12-Jul-13 01:16:42

August next year might be too soon though to check. Most low cost airline which you will get the best deals don't release they're flights until 6-9 months before x

jaggythistle Fri 12-Jul-13 01:53:10

Try Villa Plus, seemed to be a very good standard, with lots of extras. We were impressed. smile

ThatVikRinA22 Fri 12-Jul-13 14:19:40

cheers folks - will try those sites - ive actually forgotten where ive looked now! i think i went around in circles....

VerityClinch Fri 12-Jul-13 14:47:39

We went to Pollenca with Villa Parade and were very, very impressed with them.

Erebus Sun 14-Jul-13 09:23:30

sealand villa

We took this villa from Sealand Villas last year, and it was fab. We booked just under 6 weeks out and already got into their price reduction period. Of course, airfares are the killer, but we used Ryanair from Bournemouth which cost us about £650 for 4 of us. I believe the holiday cost about £2000 all up ( the villas come with a car).

ThatVikRinA22 Mon 15-Jul-13 00:03:10

erebus that villa looks fantastic....will look into Sealand.

and villa parade - thanks verity.....

im boss eyed looking.

ThatVikRinA22 Mon 15-Jul-13 00:06:38

love the villas on Sealand but cant see prices do you price it up erebus?

ThatVikRinA22 Mon 15-Jul-13 00:11:35

ah i think im a bit too premature with my dates.....will keep looking. their villas look lovely.

Erebus Mon 15-Jul-13 08:13:12

We contacted Sealand personally and asked them to put a hold on the villa for a day so we could make absolutely sure we'd got our airfares (went through a broker to try and get 'yesterday's' price on Ryan air, £80 each cheaper, but a) once we actually hit the 'Book' button, we got 'there's a problem, an agent will contact you tomorrow' (to say the air fare had in fact gone up it's just they hadn't updated their price that day!- and b) a message saying 'thank for your order, we will process it within 48 hours'! shock ) So we called Sealand and they kindly put a reserve on 'our' villa for 48 hours so we could make sure we were at least on that plane at whatever price!

So maybe you could call and see about next year's prices? If you stay with them and rebook a year hence within was in 4 weeks of your holiday, you get a 10% discount so they must know what they're planning on charging next summer.

Villa Martinet was great, down a very secluded lane, private and quiet but 5 mins drive to Pollenca and the 2 supermarkets and 15 mins, tops, to Puerto Pollenca.

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