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Ideas for 2 week hotel beach holiday in August?

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BeginnerSAHM Thu 04-Jul-13 13:25:37

Hello! We're finally getting round to booking our first summer holiday in school holidays - getting over the fact that holidays cost 3 times as much (not twice, as I had thought) took me a while... Anyway, does anybody have any ideas for an easy, pleasant beach holiday for a family of 4 (DCs are 5 and just 4)?

Went to the Princesa Yaiza in Lanzarote last year but that is over budget for August (and don't want to go to the same place anyway!). I was thinking of maybe Turkey or Mallorca...

Any recommendations greatly appreciated! Thank you grin.

zumo Fri 05-Jul-13 07:06:51

This is a nice area
Lots of package deals, we booked our own flights and hotel etc and managed to save about £500 on a weeks holiday compared to the travel agent price.
Stayed here
Don't book on line, ring them, offer to pay cash on arrival as this often gets a good discount, its nice very clean no kids clubs though, 2 mins from the beach, a very nice English family have the bar opposite and are handy for good food and advice

But I would just book a cruise as you see so much a different place every day, kids clubs etc are all free.

BeginnerSAHM Fri 05-Jul-13 07:17:47

Thanks zumo! Will check it out!!

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