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Can anyonr recommend a good online route planner for driving from UK to South France ?

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fakeblondie Thu 04-Jul-13 12:44:30

Get very excited now and need to plan route stopovers ect so any tips re route planning esp online route planning very appreciated x

Ragusa Thu 04-Jul-13 14:58:15


Portofino Thu 04-Jul-13 15:01:01

I was going to say ViaMichelin too. Avoid Paris.

fakeblondie Thu 04-Jul-13 17:01:50

Port your still around ! Getting just a tad excited now !

culturemulcher Thu 04-Jul-13 17:05:30

We usually use viamichelin too. It also calculates all your toll charges, which helps make the decision whether to go Autoroute all the way or detour on some fast D roads.

Fragglewump Thu 04-Jul-13 17:07:11

I need this too! Exciting

Pimpf Thu 04-Jul-13 17:14:57

OOoh, will have a look at this, thank you

ChippyMinton Thu 04-Jul-13 17:17:27

via michelin and get a Sanef toll widget for the motorway. it sticks on winscreen so you can use the non-stop lanes, and charges it to your cedit card.
where are you going envy?

ChippyMinton Thu 04-Jul-13 17:18:07

oh and check out bison fute for the busy travel days to avoid.

ChippyMinton Thu 04-Jul-13 17:33:35

Sanef link which might give you a 5 euro reduction.

ChippyMinton Thu 04-Jul-13 17:35:21

bison fute

Lucycat Thu 04-Jul-13 17:54:57

You could look at Mappy too. They are fairly accurate with their timings and costs.

Please don't mention bison fute we have inadvertedly managed to be travelling on one of the black Saturdays in the South of France. Not sure how that happened sad at least we are over near Spain not the Cote D'Azur side.

Portofino Thu 04-Jul-13 18:33:08

Yes the toll doodad is fab! When we drove that way a few year backs the traffic was fine til we "turned left" for the Riviera. There were big tolls at the queues so I think the £10 outlay is well worth the money.

Portofino Thu 04-Jul-13 18:42:20

For your overnight hotel go to Accor website and search on the map. I have stayed at Novotel Lyon Nord, but you will need 2 rooms so an Ibis or F1 might work out cheaper.

Portofino Thu 04-Jul-13 18:45:56

Googlemaps takes you via Reims which is definitely the way to go. Then down the A6 The autoroute du soleil! I am very envy as I love it round there.

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