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Right, how am I going to do a 5 hour drive, alone, with 2 under 3s?

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TheThreeFillyjonks Sun 04-Jun-06 08:59:04

Do I split the drive in 2, over 2 days? But a. I am skint and b. I can't find a b&b.

Or do I set off really early and then break in the middle and then drive on?

Bear in mind I am camping when I get there so need to be there by about 3 to put up my super-evil tent.

I'm going from Cardiff to Pwllheli, could go via Machyllyth I suppose. Dd is 11 m, ds is 2.8.

Opinions, os gwellwch on dda!

threebob Sun 04-Jun-06 09:08:27

We do the 5 hour drive from Christchurch to Dunedin. We stop every hour for a biscuit and a run around a park for 5 minutes (set timer) and then back into the car for the next place.

We get up at normal time, have breakfast and then plonk ds in front of an hour DVD whilst we pack up car.

schneebly Sun 04-Jun-06 09:16:52

If it was my 2 they would just fall asleep in the car anyway! I would do it in one day but stop halfway for a break and meal and have snacks and drinks for them in the car.

TheThreeFillyjonks Sun 04-Jun-06 09:21:16

at them falling asleep for 5 hours!

Mine don't do that.

moondog Sun 04-Jun-06 09:26:10

OOh Pwllheli!
Down the road from me.
It's a lovely day too.
How about stopping in Aberaeron to stretch your legs on the pier thingy?
Or take a picnic to have in gronds of Celtica in Mach.
We stop there a lot for a run around between Caernarfon and Aberteifi.
Where are you staying in Pwllheli btw??

Earlybird Sun 04-Jun-06 09:28:29

portable dvd player?

moondog Sun 04-Jun-06 09:29:43

Don't go the electronic route.
The more you lay on for 'em the more they expect.
Looking out the window wasgood enough for our generation so it is good enough for the next.

Earlybird Sun 04-Jun-06 09:32:51

DD likes to listen to her kid's music on the car cd player....and then there's lots of conversation, singing (how many verses of Old McDonald had a farm can you think of?), gazing out windows, and game playing (who can be the first to see a red car?).

moondog Sun 04-Jun-06 09:37:08

Ditto kids' music.

WideWebWitch Sun 04-Jun-06 09:41:30

Don't prolong it over 2 days, yuk! I agree about childrens music, I have never had it on in the car, vile. I think food to keep them going and the odd stop should be ok. Surely they'll sleep for some of it?

Twiglett Sun 04-Jun-06 09:43:19

I was stuck in the car for 9 hours with DS when he was around 2.5 .. and he was totally fine ..

I'd do it in one go .. stop half-way or when kids get cranky let them run round in a service station or similar then keep going

try to time it for as many sleeps as possible

compo Sun 04-Jun-06 09:43:46

We regualrly do a 5 hour drive from South-East to Devon to see in-laws. If we time it right we have been able to drive non-stop - ie straight after lunch in time for afternoon nap. Otherwise we have only ever had to stop once. at stopping every hour to let him run around - it would take all day to get there!!

Yafta Sun 04-Jun-06 09:43:57

We do Northamptonshire to Falmouth in 5 hours 4 times a year. Pack the night before. Get up, have breakfast, stop twice en route and be there early afternoon.

Earlybird Sun 04-Jun-06 09:48:14

Completely agree that some kid's music will make any adult want to scream. The key is to find kid's music you actually enjoy - and believe me, there's some really great stuff out there. For instance, we were posting the other night about the witty/musical children's album by They Might Be Giants, or the fabulous album of Broadway Music for kids.

I promise, there's good kid's stuff out just gotta be very selective. Though I agree that it might be too big a stretch for 2 under 3's.

Eulalia Sun 04-Jun-06 09:50:03

Have done this sort of thing heaps of time, imo they are easier when they are v young. Get up really early when they are still sleeping, get yourself organised and at the last moment get them out of bed and straight into their car seats and they should sleep for another couple of hours, then have a break in the middle for late breakfast, get changed and run about and then do the rest of the journey.

TheThreeFillyjonks Sun 04-Jun-06 09:50:47

ah yes, am calming down now, these are all very helpful suggestions.

I am a bit worried about me driving for 5 hours, tbh. Dp gets to slum it at work.

moondog-tudweiliog. Its a <whispers> home education thing. RUN AWAY!

TheThreeFillyjonks Sun 04-Jun-06 09:51:45

ooh yes, eb. I'll have to get me some Dan Zane, deffo.

Oh god that would kill me.

But I can see justification for They Might Be Giants.

TheThreeFillyjonks Sun 04-Jun-06 09:53:20

what is this broadway music for kids? Do you mean like Annie and so on? I can't listen to that for 5 minutes...

I'm sure they'd like some nice baroque recorder music, and an soothing talking book.

ladymuck Sun 04-Jun-06 09:55:08

Snacks for the older one. I would plan for 2 stops en route. Sorry, I'm not familiar with the route but someone else might know some good stops. Build in a stop for lunch. Disagree with Moondog - use technology woman! Kids CDs could yet be your saviour!

Earlybird Sun 04-Jun-06 10:10:38

The Broadway music for kids cd is not the obvious selection of screechy renditions from "Annie", though admittedly it does contain a version of "I Just Can't Wait to Be King"! . The one I have has an eclectic and intelligent mixture of kid-friendly tunes from West Side Story, Annie Get Your Gun, Pippin, Damn Yankees, Bye Bye Birdie etc. DD loves it, and positively skipped with glee the first few times we listened to it.

TheThreeFillyjonks Sun 04-Jun-06 10:14:41

ooh, that does sound rather pleasent

i've also been looking for an excuse to get the peggy seeger kids cd.


my credit card already hates me though.

moondog Sun 04-Jun-06 10:14:42

Filly,am intrigued at thought of a load of Home Eders largin' it in Tudweiliog.
I may come over and spy......

TheThreeFillyjonks Sun 04-Jun-06 10:34:31

yes, come on over, md, you'd be most welcome.

<sharpens brainwashing pitchfork>

moondog Sun 04-Jun-06 10:35:49

I was home eded myself,aeons ago in the Pacific!
I also home ed my dd (5) when we are in Turkey,which is quite a lot)
I must do a bit of lurking on home ed thread...

TheThreeFillyjonks Sun 04-Jun-06 10:53:02

well thats all ok then! No need for that pitchfork!

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