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Can anyone compare Cirali and Alacati, Cesme?

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sleepcrisis Wed 03-Jul-13 08:47:01

Just that really. Just me, DH and 2yo DS.
We are hoping for good weather and aiming for last week sept/1st week october.

We want family friendly, but not to hectic, nice beach, potential for DS to play with other children, good food, walking distance to stuff.


SilverSixpence Wed 03-Jul-13 09:59:39

Can't compare but we went to Cirali last year and thought it was perfect. We had a slightly hairy moment when arriving by coach to find there were no buses into cirali, but managed to call the hotel who sent a taxi! We stayed at Villa Monte which I would recommend.

The beach is gorgeous, sea was very clear, lots of other families with children around. the village and beachfront have plenty of places to eat. We didn't really look into excursions as we were happy walking to and from the beach - there was a path through lemon trees with chickens roaming around, very picturesque!

Munashe Sat 20-Jul-13 14:05:12

Loved Cirali. It was just perfect for us and my kids. Lovely village and by the end of our 14 days in Cirali we knew some of the locals. I will write more on Cirali and the weather when i get back home as we are in France now

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