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Disney Land Paris - What to take?!? Help!

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daniellapaige91 Tue 02-Jul-13 11:58:14

My partner and I have booked to take our daughter (23 months) to Disney Land Paris on the 17th July. We are staying in Hotel Cheyenne which is one of the budget hotels. This is the first time we've taken our daughter out of the country and first time to Disney Land. If any one could give us any tips on what to take I would really appreciate it!

Thank you.

MelanieCheeks Tue 02-Jul-13 12:04:05

Ha! I'm just back after a week there, so will be writing up blogs and reviews for the next few days.

When you say take, what do you mean - clothes, money, other items?

First aid kit - include immodium and rehydrating salts. French pharmacies are few and far between and you won't be able to buy simple pankillers over the counter.

There's a shop and a sandwich place in the station (gare) - much cheaper for food than in teh Parcs. Also, a Esso garage and shop beside Hotel Santa Fe.

Take a corcksrew - french wine is lovely but they will insist on using corks.

Are you flying or Eurostarring?

Clothes - cropped trousers with button down pockets, a waterproof jacket that folds into your bag, an easy to carry day-bag, and comfy shoes (I'm not proud, I wear Crocs and fitflops when in theme parks)

Happy to answer any more specific queries.

daniellapaige91 Tue 02-Jul-13 12:12:04

Ah really have you. Where did you stay?

Just other items in general really, weather to take food in suitcases as I have heard its quite expensive in the park. When we booked, we were given a free Half Board meal plan, they told us we could eat in our hotel but in includes 9/10 other restaurants in both parks and a few other hotels.

Was there anywhere in particular that was best to eat? We are travelling by eurostar.

Thank you!

MelanieCheeks Tue 02-Jul-13 12:22:08

Food wise, depends on what you're after. My stepson would live on hot dog and chips (Caseys by the main plaza), I insisted on a proper dinner every once in a while. Cafe Mickey in the village is great for that, plus characters usually appear (check the times - ask in Guest Services in the main square as you enter the park, they are brilliant at organising and advising). My other favourite proper restaurant is the Silver Spur steakhouse in Frontierland. Pricey, but if you have a half-board plan then it might be a good one. They'll all do childrens meal options, as long as your daughter isn't too picky.

Useful to bring snack foods that you can take into the park - fruit, bags of crisps or nuts. Bring a water bottle and top it up at the water fountains. Bottled drinks are particularly dear so you might want to put some cartons of drink in your case.

Guitargirl Mon 08-Jul-13 19:21:33

We have been recently and took all drinks and snacks with us. We stayed in the Disneyland hotel. We were there for 3 days and I think I took about 20 small bottles or cartons of something - water or juice - for 2 DCs and myself for the 3 days. Also took apples, cereal bars and crackers for munching on during the queues. We booked 2 character meals - Cafe Mickey and Auberge for the princesses. Then I think I bought a couple of popcorn things for the DCs and ice-cream when we were there. I tried to encourage them to fill up at breakfast time but it doesn't work too well with small children. If your daughter likes dressing up/princesses then take costumes with you - they are very expensive there.

AbbyLou Sat 20-Jul-13 21:13:50

We went in Feb for 5 days and stayed at the Santa Fe. We too had the half board meal plan, I would recommend you book all your evening meals as it is virtually impossible to get a table if you don't. We filled up at breakfast and took lunchy stuff with us - rolls, cheese, crisps, biscuits, cartons of juice etc. Our favourite meal included in the plan was Annettes Diner. Unfortunately it is the only place you can't book though. The queue looked really long but moved very quickly and they are extremely efficient at clearing tables and getting you sat down. We also ate at Silver Spur Steakhouse, Plaza Gardens and Restaurant Des Stars. The latter two were buffet style with plenty of choice for us and our two dc 8 and 5.
I am so jealous, we had the most amazing time. Watching my dd's face during the Disney Dreams show is something I will never, ever forget.

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