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Tell me about Tenerife??? Please?!

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Bea Sun 30-Jun-13 21:06:17

We're off to Tenerife in October(very excited and very lucky!!!) dh has a conference in Costa Adeje... desperately trying to get my head around all the different areas... have found a place in playa parisio... but what is the area like... have found a not very favourable write up about it...

Basically anyone have an idea of the best area to stay for a 2 adults and 3 dc ... mil and fil coming too! Self catering!
Would prefer to be a little away from the bright lights and bars but still have to be close to costa adeje (by car) for travel for dh to get into 'work'
Would like to be somewhere where not too built up... rural?

Have not a clue about Tenerife... any ideas and advice gladly received! Thanks!!!

specialsubject Mon 01-Jul-13 10:09:15

Costa Adeje is the newer name for the northern part of the Playa de Las Americas area.

the horrific parts of Las Americas (70s blocks, screaming drunks, football bars) are right in its centre, and as most of that crowd only go in July and August ('it's only hot then, innit') you won't be seeing them.

Playa Paraiso is rather dead. Suggest areas such as La Caleta, Torviscas or Fanabe for what you want. If you've got the car then you can load up at the supermarkets.

the resort has the TF1 motorway running through it - areas below are flat, areas above are hilly BUT have stunning sunsets and views if chosen correctly. Don't worry too much about the 'built-up' thing, it's not that bad.

as well as pleasant beaches, Tenerife has a world-class volcano in the middle and some wonderful walking. There's also a good bus system.

Longtallsally Mon 01-Jul-13 10:16:54

Seconding the thing about buses - they are fantastic. We stayed in Los Christianos (next town along from Playa de las A) at Easter, but bussed up to visit Loro Park - large zoo with dolphin and orca shows. Thoroughly recommend that. You can also use the bus or your own car to visit Mt Teidi, the amaaaaazing volcano.


Yonihadtoask Mon 01-Jul-13 19:12:01

Playa Paraiso is pretty quiet and soulless from what I have seen of it on my trips to Tenerife.

Playa de Las Americas - some like it. I don't. Very busy and touristy.
Costa Adeje is an extension of Pdla - so it depends on where you are located.
Los Christianos is a little nicer - on the south side of Playa de las Americas.

If you go up the West coast a little - La Caleta is nice- not much to do there, but it is much quieter- some nice fish restaurants on the harbour. Los Gigantes is family orientated - a fair few restaurants and bars - but not loud and lairy - same for Puerto de Santiago.

However, my new faviourite is Puerto de La Cruz. No swimming in the sea up there- it is a bit wilder - but it is far more beautiful than the south of the island. We stayed in a villa in that area this March. Lovely. In the town there are lots of restaurants and bars and shops - but it's a bit less brash - iykwim. However you have a fair old drive to get up there and to and from the other resorts on the south..

The beaches on the South are better - yes, black sand but it's no big deal.

Lots to do - a visit to Mount Teide is a must. Leave time to go up the cable car - it really is worth the fare - 25 Euro for adults - I think 15 for kids?? Just me and DH went this year so can't remember.

Yonihadtoask Mon 01-Jul-13 19:13:47

When I was researching where to stay I found a lot of villas for rent in Golf del Sur - and that area - these are very,very close to the airport. Not that that is a massive problem. However I read a few reports saying that the beaches were a bit horrible - as the sewage in that area has a fault?

Yonihadtoask Mon 01-Jul-13 19:16:40

Car hire is very cheap. And it is so easy.

We paid ummm.... I think about £160 for a week - and that was for an automatic- so slightly more expensive. Fuel is cheap- we used only half a tank and we drove a lot.

There are some beautiful places to visit up in the North of the island - which I had never seen before this trip. Really worth getting out and about and exploring.

MsGee Mon 01-Jul-13 19:17:22

The nicest bit of costa adeje is the del duque area which is lovely and has the best beach.

We stayed at the dream tacande which was lovely and we can never afford again now we can only go away during school holidays

Yonihadtoask Mon 01-Jul-13 19:21:45

Try owners direct for villas

Yonihadtoask Mon 01-Jul-13 19:22:51

Yes, the Del Duque has the quiet, more refined feel.

We honeymooned in the Sheraton La Caleta - the Del Duque beach was a ten min walk down from there. Very nice indeed.

VivaLeBeaver Mon 01-Jul-13 19:24:36

When we went we stayed in a hotel in Costa Adeje north of the motorway, we were next door to AquaParc. It was a nice area, good views and you could walk to the beach in about 10 mins.

We had a car for the week and I drove everywhere, the driving was fine and I'd not really driven on the right before.

We used to drive to the El Duque beach, there seems to be plenty of free, on street parking everywhere.

ohmeohmyforgotlogin Mon 01-Jul-13 20:14:24

Golf del sur itself nothing special.lovely beach frequented by locals at el Medano, not far from airport. Sandy beach, playgrounds, cafes, lifeguards...beach is just right for kids especially at low tide. Town square has lots of fiestas. Worth a visit even if you don't stay there.

theoriginalandbestrookie Mon 01-Jul-13 20:22:00

Great time of year to go. This will be our fourth year in a row to Tenerife at October half term.
We have stayed at the recency country club a few times and it might fit your requirements. It's in the hills but only a 10 min drive to Costa adeje or they have a bus . It's apartments with a restaurant,pool and facilities on site so you don't need to cook unless you want to. I like it because the apartments are good quality and the staff friendly, but you may be looking for something more remote.

specialsubject Mon 01-Jul-13 20:38:29

Golf del Sur is practically at the end of the runway!

I also fell in love with the El Duque beach - it was about forty minutes walk from where we were staying in Torviscas Alto but we were younger then! Plenty of other good beaches though.

Bea Mon 01-Jul-13 23:12:15

Wow! Keep it coming ! thank you!!! You knowledgeable lot...

am looking for self catering with private pool!

although at times I really do think we should just go to a hotel and be done with it... no cooking... no cleaning etc.. but then again I love the privacy of a self catering... decisions decisions!

specialsubject Tue 02-Jul-13 14:28:18

try searching for apartments and booking your own flights. You may get better apartments and it may (or may not!) work out cheaper.

wish I could find that apartment we had again, it was on the corner of a complex and had an utterly jaw dropping 270 degree sunset/La Gomera view. You could also watch the sunbed and towel games at the pool below each day...

Longtallsally Tue 02-Jul-13 23:06:44

Ooh - do check out the boat trips to go whale watching too. We did just a 2 hour trip to see the local pilot whales, but it was magic, if animals/nature are your sort of thing. The glass bottomed catamaran was best as you could watch the whales from the surface and then go and see them swimming very close to you beneath the boat

theoriginalandbestrookie Wed 03-Jul-13 17:33:30

Ok if you want private with pool, I googled Chayofa and there appears to be a few in that area.

It's where the Regency is based and is a residential area in the hills, but 15 min drive to the beach, and Del Duque is our favourite as well.

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