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Fantastic pool needed, don't mind where, August

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GinAndaDashOfLime Fri 21-Jun-13 11:36:59

See you there grin!

JoyMachine Fri 21-Jun-13 11:21:30

Oh... we looked at duinrell last year! I'd forgotten.
That sounds just up our street tbh...hope they have spaces!
Thanks grin

GinAndaDashOfLime Fri 21-Jun-13 11:15:21

We're going here:

Never been before but it got the best review on MN and they've never been wrong before! Apparently best pool in Europe with lots of non scary water play for water phobic dc's:

You'll have loads of money left over too!

JoyMachine Fri 21-Jun-13 11:05:30

Ooh, more answers- thank you!
Will definitely be looking at first choice then, had no idea they could do lessons there! That would be a fantastic opportunity I think. We really liked Menorca when we went previously, where we were was lovely and quiet, and not too hot.

Frenchfancy- a fenced pool is probably a good idea, but he is the type to scale fences I'm afraid. We'd never rely on others to watch him, but I would just feel safer if there were other people around just in case. His sister has AS, and if she had a meltdown, he can be out of my sight in seconds sad I'm pretty nervous tbh about doing this!

LtEveDallas Fri 21-Jun-13 07:02:56

First Choice Holiday Villages are good. They also have swimming clubs/training for a couple of hours every day that you could book (there is a fee). Couple of years ago we watched a 5 year old to from SCREAMING if she was splashed to swimming a width with her face in the water - she got a 'most improved' certificate in front of everyone and the cheers were deafening!

We loved Holiday village Manar in Tunisia, and Holiday Village Viva in Majorca. They've just opened a new one in Menorca that looks lovely.

Otherwise I'd look for a place that has a waterpark as well as a great pool. You may find that a waterpark is the best way to coax a water phobic kid. We are going to Jungle Aqua Park in Hurghada in Jul/Aug but it is ridiculously hot then, so probably not what you want. Furterventura and Lanzarotte are not too hot in Aug, and slightly cheaper. Or the Holiday Village in Benalmadena, Spain (not been but good reviews).


Growlithe Fri 21-Jun-13 06:55:33

We went on First Choice holiday last year before last with a 4 yo who was struggling in swimming lessons. They have swimming instructors in the large family type hotels, and we booked her in for a couple of 1 to 1s. It made a huge difference and she moved up a level not long after in the next term, and is doing really well at swimming now.a

frenchfancy Fri 21-Jun-13 06:37:48

Don't rely on there being a lifeguard at a hotel pool. And even if there is one don't rely on them.

A villa with a fenced pool is far far safer imo.

JoyMachine Thu 20-Jun-13 23:43:56

6 weeks not long? oops... we are the type of family that book the night before we fly! blush
Will start scouring, but have no idea on which country- too much choice is a bad thing, I think!

scaevola Thu 20-Jun-13 12:20:01

about the Merton Hotel in Jersey?

mummymeister Thu 20-Jun-13 12:12:26

If you have a limited budget, you want a shared pool and you don't want to cook then your only option is going to be a package in August as what you are ideally looking for is going to be v expensive and probably sold out by now (unless you are really lucky!) you have to pick a country at least first. go on to one of the weather sites like accuweather and find somewhere that's as hot as you want it in august. alternatively give yourself a time limit in which to book. go into an agent and see what they have and try some of the last minutes sites on line. you have found nothing so far because you are looking at too many different options. find your country, write down what you really want (ie the deal breakers) and sift through. only way to do it I am afraid but you need to get on - 6 weeks until August is not a lot time.

JoyMachine Thu 20-Jun-13 10:31:44

We're struggling, as we've never been on a package holiday, and don't know weher to avoid!
MW was great when we've been before, but 6K for 7 days in august is beyond our budget this year, and we'd not make any use of the watersports/kids clubs etc anyway!

Really don't want a villa- too scared about pool safety- my 4yo is a bolter, and we'd never be able to trust him, at least with a large shared pool with a lifeguard we've some back-up. Plus I don't want to self-cater wink

Sorry to be such a moaner!

This is why I've found nothing so far...

mummymeister Thu 20-Jun-13 10:03:16

you need to narrow your search down or you are going to frazzle your brain looking on the internet for somewhere to fit the bill. suggest you look at holiday villas on somewhere like owners direct or vrbo once you have decided which country. it is peak season and many of the places will be gone so try some of the last minute websites. but first pick a few countries or you will be overwhelmed. what about an all inclusive holiday with someone like Mark Warner where there will be a pool.

JoyMachine Wed 19-Jun-13 23:58:47

Sorry- I need somewhere with a really good pool for my 2 water-phobic children, so we can spend a week/10 days in the water to get them used to it before they have to start swimming with school in September!

Anywhere shorthaul is fine, roasting hot probably not a good idea, as they're both under 8, so decently clean too (really don't want tummy bugs!)

Any ideas at all please?

budget £2-3K (hopefully)

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