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Stuff to do in Nice

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Curlybrunette Wed 19-Jun-13 21:02:53

Hi all,

Dh and I are having 3 nights in Nice in a couple of weeks and wondered if you had any recommendations of stuff to do/places to visit etc.

We'll be getting there at teatime on the Monday, so will have the evening, and 2 full days and a morning to fill. We normally so a Spain/Balearics type break where I lay and sunbathe all day and we go out for food and then drinks on the evening but I feel like Nice isn't somewhere we'll do that?

What do you recommend?


PlentyOfFreeTime Wed 19-Jun-13 22:53:32

It's easy to get to Cannes or Ventimiglia (Italy) by train. The obvious place for a day out is Monte Carlo. I like Beaulieu-sur-Mer.

I would avoid the parfumaries - I found Grasse and Eze ones rather boring.

Wuldric Wed 19-Jun-13 23:03:44

It makes a huge difference whether or not you plan to hire a car. Because tbh I would be a bit bored in Nice alone. If you like Ferrari-spotting then you'll be fine, but once you've walked down the Promenade des Anglais once, you've done it a thousand times.

Stick to the old town. Go to the Chagall museum. When you go out to eat, be careful because it is all expensive, and most of it not great. Choose carefully.

The best bit of Nice is outside the city. It is not a city like Prague or Budapest or Barcelona where the architecture will blow your mind. It is mostly modern and in places sleazy. Get out of the city. Drive or take a train along the coast road, because there are hidden gems there. Go into the hill villages of Fayence, which are amazing.

FaddyPeony Wed 19-Jun-13 23:04:15

Wander Vieux Nice for hours. Have coffee or beer. Go to the morning market in the Cours Saleya, stroll and browse.

Walk along the promenade - hire rollerblades if you feel brave. The promenade is long and beautiful. Walk along to the Port area - there are a couple of interesting-looking antique shops around there.

You can surely laze on the beach all day, but bring thick blankets for lying on since the beach is stony. The water is usually beautiful if you like swimming. There are public loos on the promenade; they're staffed so you usually have to pay a few cents to get in.

If you have a bit of spare cash - go and have a cocktail in the Hotel Negresco. Gawk the luxury shops in the Zone Pietonne. Have pizza there too - or a panino is a very inexpensive lunch.

Otherwise just go to a local supermarket and stock up on picnic bits.

Beaulieu-sur-mer is quiet and pretty and has a small sandy beach. Antibes is bigger but still fairly quiet - there's a sandy beach there too. I'd skip Cannes. It's a bit boring. The train service is good and it's easy to visit towns along the coast. If I was just there for 3 days though I mightn't bother. Nice has more than enough.

For dinner, I'd stick to Vieux Nice. It's beautiful at night. Most of the restaurants are in the Cours Saleya but it's worth wandering. There's a few tiny little bars that are worth visiting, and DEFINTELY make sure you find the huge outdoor ice-cream place.

I could not be more envy - lived there for almost a year and miss it!

IsThisAGoodIdea Wed 19-Jun-13 23:34:47

You need to hire a car. Nice itself is nothing special but it is surrounded by gorgeous old villages. St Paul de Vence is the loveliest of them. For a bit of yacht-watching you could try St Tropez but beware its pricey! Monaco isn't far and has a lovely old town to wander round. St Juan les Pins is a pretty seaside place and Antibes is v.glam.

Ruthiebabes Thu 20-Jun-13 09:54:57

Hi... Nice is lovely!! We spent 3 nights there last Sept for wedding anniversary.

My suggestions....
Spend time in the old town (Vieux Ville), lots of lovely little shops and loads of restaurants.

No need to hire a car as the public transport is excellent for £1 Euro!!! Take the bus to Villefranche Sur Mer... a sandy beach and very quaint little town. We enjoyed just relaxing here. The beach in Nice is pebbly which is why we came here.

Could also take the bus to St Jean Cap Ferrat, lots of coastal walks from here and also a beach if you want to chill.

La Coline du Chateaux (Castle Hill) is at the end of the promenade near the old town. You can get to the top in an elevator and the views are meant to be great. We didn't go up as we stayed in the Hotel Suisse which was next to the Chateux and our room was 5th floor with a fab view!

Monaco- which we didn't get time to visit- again just a bus ride away.

There is plenty to do, it is lovely to walk along the promenade in the evening after a meal.


FaddyPeony Thu 20-Jun-13 10:00:15

Ruthiebabes, I love the Hotel Suisse! Best place in the whole town to stay, I reckon. Close to everything, and that view..

Ruthiebabes Thu 20-Jun-13 17:13:29

FaddyPeony- Yes we loved the Hotel Suisse. I treasured every moment on that balcony!!!

Curlybrunette Thu 20-Jun-13 20:20:15

Thanks everyone, I'll get googling the places you suggested.
We won't be getting a car we drink a lot on holiday but I'd read the public transport was good.

Cheers guys

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