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Hotel Pollentia, Puerto Pollensa

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pennycan Mon 17-Jun-13 20:13:15

Trying to book a last minute holiday for Aug. can anyone tell me how far away this is from bars/restaurants? Want to be able to stroll down in the evenings. Thanks

Dackyduddles Mon 17-Jun-13 20:25:02

I'm sure it's right outside the main town. It's too far to walk. You want to aim for one down the pine walk. Mirimar and sis pins are lovely, dunno your budget. Hotel pollensa park is great and other end of town and about as far out/down as you want to be for evening strolls. Illa dor and oh heavens a massive one for families at the end of the pine walk! Name presently escapes me. Went last year with Thomson, was wonderful for families..... Will be back once found it!

pennycan Mon 17-Jun-13 20:44:10

Thanks for that, I thought it looked quite a long way out. On with the search!

Ladyhaha Mon 17-Jun-13 22:01:06

We've just come back from a week at the Aparthotel Playa Mar, at the end of the pine walk, and it was fantastic for families. It's a 20 min walk to the centre, but the views are so lovely it passes in no time.

Dackyduddles Tue 18-Jun-13 07:52:47

That's the one!

makemineapinot Wed 19-Jun-13 22:47:06

Going to Playa Ar in a few weeks with 10 and 12 year old and am slightly worried now that hotel will be too young for them!! Can u confirm or reassure please:-) need to be prepared!! Can't wait tho!

Ladyhaha Sat 22-Jun-13 20:42:41

To be honest the majority of kids when we were there were 5 and under, but the crab slides looked ok for older children and the deeper part of the main pool was pretty empty so they'll have plenty of space to swim. Just to warn you, the smaller pools with the slides were pretty cold - even in 30degree heat, so brace yourselves! Other than thai it was a fab holiday, so enjoy!

makemineapinot Sun 23-Jun-13 17:26:16

Thanks, was hoping there would be some kids their age there but they'll love the pools etc!

Dackyduddles Sun 23-Jun-13 17:37:50

Playa hotel when we went last sept had all ages up to 16. They did clubs etc and amused themselves. All looked to be having great time.

makemineapinot Mon 24-Jun-13 21:19:42

Brill! Thank u, that's what I was hoping to hear!!! Thank u x

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