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has anyone been to Martinhal? A few questions

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BadSkiingMum Mon 17-Jun-13 12:00:21

We are just about to go to Martinhal - hugely excited!

I have a few questions and have already tried asking Martinhal, but I think that a couple of these were a bit too specific for them to deal with...

1) Beach towels - do they give them out?

2) Beach tent/shelter/windbreak - do they have them there or should we take one?

3) Swimming or surfing in the sea - do people wear wetsuits or is the water warm enough?

4) Is it worthwhile taking a scooter for our three year old eg. are the paths smooth?

Many thanks.

Crusoe Thu 20-Jun-13 11:39:09

Hi there
We came back from the Martinhal a couple of weeks ago - you will have a fab time!

Yes they do give out beach towels and a big bag to carry them in. You can take them to the gym/pool reception to change them when you need to.

No didn't see any offer of a tent or windbreak - both would be a good idea to take if you could.

We didn't swim in the sea but others were. Some of the more serious swimmers had wetsuits but most didn't. All the windsurfers did. If you are planning on being in for more than a quick dip I would recommend a suit.

No need to take a scooter as you can get one free of charge from the kids club for the week (depending on availability) the paths aren't smooth which worried me but we got through the week with no disasters.
Enjoy its a great place
C x

BadSkiingMum Thu 20-Jun-13 20:44:12

Oh thanks for that, very helpful!

Goes to pack wetsuit...

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