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Would we be crazy to consider... (another Disneyland Paris - sorry)

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AllSWornOut Sun 16-Jun-13 08:22:02

... DLP with an almost 3yo (2 weeks before birthday) and a 2mo?

We have a special offer through DH's company and I think the 3yo would love it, I'm just a bit unsure of the baby bit. I have read other threads here talking about taking under 1yo on lots of rides - would it work in a sling or do we really need to be holding the baby in our arms/baby able to sit?

I'm also envisaging lots of sitting down in the shade/cafes with DBaby while DH takes 3yo off for rides and things.

Am I crazy for even thinking it? Anyone else done it? I would be tempted to send DH and 3yo off alone but the thought of 3 days alone with 2mo fills me with fear (didn't cope too well last time and DH was a total rock for the tough hours/days/weeks). He will in any case be travelling for work for a couple of days in September and October so I'll have probably had enough of "being by myself (as much as you can be with 2 small children") - trip is mid-October.

PoppyWearer Sun 16-Jun-13 08:27:00

We went when DC1 was 3yo and DC2 was 10mo. He was a bit bored and slept lots in his buggy whilst DH and I took it in turns to take DC1 on the rides. We were able to take him on It's a Small World and one or two other things, but I don't think it was detrimental to our/DC1's experience having him there (other than warming up his food was a pain, but you won't have that problem), we all really enjoyed it.

AllSWornOut Sun 16-Jun-13 15:30:52

Thanks for your thoughts Poppy. I seem to remember that boredom isn't really a problem for 2mo as I'm sure I just lugged DC1 around to where ever I was off to at that age. I suppose I don't really need to take DC2 on rides at all actually, just thinking it might be more fun for the rest of us.

Anyone else done DLP with such a small baby?

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