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Pool Towels

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Suttonmum1 Sat 29-Jun-13 22:50:01

Forgot to say I have the Life venture ones.

Suttonmum1 Sat 29-Jun-13 22:48:49

We only take the microfibre ones, they are great. Save space in cases, in beach bag. great for the gym, camping, scouts, school trips etc. They dry so quickly.

girlywhirly Thu 20-Jun-13 09:38:35

Micro fibre towels are brilliant for holidays, you can find them in camping/outdoor sports shops, also TKMaxx may have some and Home Bargains have had some cheap ones. Even M&S have some smaller ones, found by the ladies beauty/toiletries. You would not believe how absorbent they are, you just pat yourself dry. Being so thin they dry well and fast too, and if you need to wash them are not thick and heavy to wring out.

DH and I just take one ordinary beach towel each for the sun loungers and two MF ones for drying off after a swim. These weigh much less than conventional towels. Can be used for sport/gym towels as well.

CaurnieBred Thu 20-Jun-13 00:15:50

Usually take 2 of the poncho style ones for DD and she has a clean one the second week! Either that or we use the hotel ones and get clean ones every couple of days

secretscwirrels Tue 18-Jun-13 16:33:13

I usually buy cheap souvenir towels. They are thin and take up much less space than big fluffy ones.
I have also given them a freshen up in the sink with a bit of shower gel travel wash.

sofi0308 Sun 16-Jun-13 21:41:06

we pack sarongs instead of towels, faster to dry, easy to wash, more useful, towels just get clogged up with sand, a good sarong can dry you just as easily..

SoldeInvierno Sun 16-Jun-13 15:09:32

The hotel were we were last year in Ibiza used to charge 1 euro or so for exchanging your beach towel for a clean one. I think I paid 5 euro initially for the first towel. Email the hotel and ask. It might save you lots of space in your luggage.

rufusnine Thu 13-Jun-13 17:38:00

A civilised adult may get away with your regime , however in my experience when children get their hands on them they are dragged/dropped in all sorts of unsavoury places as well as picking up various food/drink stains etc etc

Yonihadtoask Thu 13-Jun-13 17:11:42

I have never considered washing a pool towel actually.

It just gets laid on, dries pool/sea water off your body and then hung up to dry until next day.

rufusnine Thu 13-Jun-13 17:07:35

Depends on your hotel and/or resort!! Some hotels I've been to have self service laundry rooms and some resorts have launderettes too. E mail the hotel and ask !! once a long long time ago, whilst self catering in very hot country with teenagers who couldn't or wouldn't stop dragging the towels about the minging pool side I remember putting the towels in the bath with some travel wash and treading them like grapes, not perfect but I certainly felt better doing it!

AlmostHadItAll Thu 13-Jun-13 09:57:58

The hotel we stayed in last year provided pool towels daily but I don't think where we are going this year does.

What do you all do about washing them? Surely we can't take enough for a fortnight grin

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