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We`re after a stopover just beyond Lyon but have 3 dc ! Anywhere we can book just 1 room X

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Yonihadtoask Fri 14-Jun-13 15:30:20


better check on that though.

I always found the etap hotels fine - small, and basic - but clean. Quite sufficient after a hot day travelling.

Yonihadtoask Fri 14-Jun-13 15:28:20

I have always pre-booked - just to be certain of getting a bed for the night smile

Your drive to Dover is a fair way - it isn't much shorter than our drive down there.

And was just mapping your France drive -11 hours or so? Are you sharing the driving?

Lyon from Calais is 6 hours 28 mins - I would say that is more than enough - not forgetting the drive in the UK the same day.

this Ibis Budget comes in at 114 euros for your family.
I booked it as 2 rooms. One with 1 adult, 2 children.. the other 2 adults (over 12 is an adult).

Breakfast is 5 euros each - I added that in too. It's only cereal, bread and yogurt type stuff, but good enough - and quick to avoid delaying the rest of your travel.

I definitely wouldn't drive further though - in fact I would probably factor in 2 stopovers. But I am rubbish at driving when tired.

There was a lower rate - but it was no cancellation. these you can cancel up to the eve ning before I think at no

fakeblondie Fri 14-Jun-13 09:35:27

Thanks both .
We are travelling from Shropshire to Dover , then catching the ferry to Calais. Then driving to Port Grimaud I think that strech is around 750 miles.
Would you recommend pre booking accomodation or are we very likely not to have a problem getting somewhere en route ?
It will be August but the trouble with booking is you then have to get there iykwim !

Yonihadtoask Fri 14-Jun-13 08:28:08

The first time we did a long drive we were staying near Carcasssonne.

We left Yorkshire at 2am. got to Folkestone(early) for our crossing at 8am.

We then drove to Rouen - arrived there just after lunch time - and spent the afternoon there. Early night as we were exhausted.

next day drove to Limoges - and arrived there mid afternoon. much more leisurely drive.

Then the final day we drove down to our destination. The roads were much busier by then, the temp was v hot, and travel took longer than anticipated.

I was glad we had broken up the journey - as it made it more bearable - and despite us taking turns at driving - it is so tiring. plus we got to visit different towns en route.

We did the same on the way home - different towns though.

since then our journeys have been slightly shorter - Dordogne, and Charente - so we have done one night stop overs. I wouldn't ever try and do it all in one.

Yonihadtoask Fri 14-Jun-13 08:23:21

I would book an Etap.- I think they are called Ibis Budget now.

Usually quite good prices, clean and breakfast for about 4 euros. Quick and get set off the next day. Car parks are usually free - we only had to pay for one once.

When we have travelled as a family of 4 or 5 we have booked two rooms - it was always very reasonable.

Some rooms are twins, doubles or triples (although the third is often a bunk - prob not suitable for 3 yo).

What I would say is don't try to drive too far in one stretch. It is really tiring - especially if you have had an early start - or a long drive in UK down to ferry port.

Although it is good to get a lot of the driving done on any day bar Saturday, particularly on that route.

Where are you travelling from?

mummymeister Wed 12-Jun-13 10:50:42

At 17 she is most definitely counted as an adult plus your 3 yr old is too old to be counted as a "plus cot". if it is just a one night stop then we would either book the cheapest place (who cares what its like really) or wing it and find something on the way. this way if you are held up in traffic, bad weather, get really tired then you don't have to carry on further than you want. Similarly if you have a really good run then you might get further.

fakeblondie Tue 11-Jun-13 15:17:19

DD 17 DS 10 and DD 3.
We are driving to South of france so looking at stopping overnight on route, but would like to get past Lyon first.
With 3 dc here travel inns are fine but ive heard that they are really strict in france and DD will be counted as an adult anyway.
Looks like ill have to book 2 roomsbut any advice on where to go would be helpful as the choice is huge !

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