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Nice hotel to stop near rennet 1 night 3 kids!

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neverlookback Wed 05-Jun-13 22:19:30

We are braving it and driving to France with our 3 dc's (7,4 and 2) for our hol this summer, have been having serious doubts but we are going for it , we will have 4/5 hour drive down to Portsmouth!!!! Then sailing overnight to Caen, we are having a day seeing the D Day beaches then need to stop overnight before going to yelloh la plage in penmarch for 9 nights.
we plan on driving half the way down in first afternoon and stopping over somewhere around Rennes, so any recommendations???

We are not particularly bothered about being in city centre?

Also any travel tips welcome!

neverlookback Wed 05-Jun-13 22:19:55

I mean Rennes!!!

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