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Sanef tolling tag? driving in France anyone had experience with a roof box?

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tab Wed 22-May-13 12:48:11

Ive just got one of those automatic tags so we dont have to find euros/credit card every time but now worrying about height of car. I should really just find a way to measure the car but dont have a step ladder! VW Touran with a roof box (not that Im even tall enough to reach it) and DD being suitably unhelpful at the moment - will have to bribe him. Im worried that it might come to more than 2metres which I think is the restriction for the ordinary cars ie class 1 at french tolls. Please reassure me. Ive been told we are a class 1 vehicle even with roof box. will I get shouted at/ waved at / set alarms and flashing lights off if I go through to class 2 thingy for higher vehicles? hmm

Aaargh. And is the weather ever going to change?

SanityClause Wed 22-May-13 12:50:58

They often have height restrictor things, which your box might crash into, if you're overheight.

I would measure, if I were you.

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