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EasyJet flight prices

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Stevie77 Wed 15-May-13 23:25:05

I also asked on the General advice forum-

Does anyone know if EasyJet flight prices are lower on specific days?

I ask because Jet2, who also fly to the destination in question from our local airport, the flight prices on their website are lower on Tues/Weds. Been tracking EasyJet for a few days, and was expecting prices to be lower yesterday but in actual fact they have gone up from Monday.

I know prices are lower the earlier you book etc. just wondering if the cheaper prices on certain days mechanism takes affect at EasyJet.


sofi0308 Thu 16-May-13 06:24:10

had no idea there was such an art to it! i am looking at australia for 2014 so interested if anyone has any more inside tips like this!

Rosa Thu 16-May-13 06:27:47

Easy jet diesn't fly to Australia!!! I have noticed that when looking regularly for flights and you decide to go and book the price right at the last stage of booking ( as you are paying) suddenly goes into the next category....this happened to me 4 times rather a 'coincidence' I was booking seperate legs on european destinations so it all had to co-incide, New trick by airlines????

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