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Family rooms in Lisbon?

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bigbadbarry Wed 15-May-13 20:59:31

I've got 3 children. Now my youngest is 3 we can't really shoehorn her into a travel cot any more - but they all feel a bit little to have their own room - I know booking two rooms and each sleeping with some children is an option but that doesn't feel very satisfactory either! So I am looking for somewhere with a suite, or a family room, or even old-fashioned rooms with adjoining doors. Anywhere in Lisbon or thereabouts - we fly in about 8 pm on the Friday night to start a villa holiday further up the coast the next day. Thanks.

bigbadbarry Thu 16-May-13 14:50:11


GoodtoBetter Tue 21-May-13 12:08:57

The Novotel, Lisbon?

GoodtoBetter Tue 21-May-13 12:10:35

oops, maybe not...perhaps some advice here?

VillaVillekulla Tue 21-May-13 12:19:21

We stayed in a Novotel in Lisbon. It wasn't a great location but it was a good hotel and very kid friendly. It was close to a metro station too so it was really easy to get into town.

babyfatbutt Fri 31-May-13 20:31:15

How about an apartment?

dinkystinky Sat 01-Jun-13 08:17:09

We hired an apartment in Lisbon which worked out really well. Most have lots of steps though.

babyfatbutt Sat 01-Jun-13 15:44:58

Can you remember where you found the apartment, dinkystinky?

dinkystinky Sat 01-Jun-13 18:12:43

Dh found it in chiado via owners direct

bigbadbarry Tue 04-Jun-13 14:34:17

Sorry, I've been away. Thanks for the suggestions - must apply myself to the problem and stop hoping it will all work out by itself!

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