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Cyprus (Paphos) places to stay??

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OneStepCloser Thu 27-Jun-13 15:15:17

Ooo exciting, we are flying to Cyprus on Wednesday and have never been, we are staying just past Coral Bay and am really looking forward to it smile

girlywhirly Thu 27-Jun-13 15:07:41

I have stayed at the Annabelle too, although by default. We were supposed to stay at the Almyra next door, but they had just had a major refit and had failed their fire alarm test, so guests were relocated to the 5*Annabel.

Funnily, even though the Almyra was O.K.ed part way through the week, no-one wanted to move. The Annabelle has it's own private stretch of beach with free sunloungers. I don't think they do children's entertainment so if that is important choose a hotel that provides that.

I've also stayed at Coral Bay, but about 18 years ago so it will be even more developed.

mummatotwo Thu 27-Jun-13 09:46:57

We stayed at the St George Hotel - absolutely gorgeous, right on the beach and also suites with separate bedrooms

Goldenhandshake Wed 26-Jun-13 13:03:54

I have stayed at The Annabelle hotel, rooms were lovely, great pools and right on the beach.

justpoppy Wed 19-Jun-13 17:51:57

We've just come back from paphos - stayed at the Louis Phaethon. Echo what the other poster upthread said. Kids absolutely love it! The entertainment is brilliant, food lovely, hotel spotlessly clean. Rooms not particularly big and aircon not brilliant but otherwise couldn't fault it.

alphabetti Mon 17-Jun-13 06:57:04

Look at protaras in east Cyprus as is brilliant for families. You can always take a trip to paphos for the day which we did as was lovely to see some more of the island.

WinterWinds Tue 07-May-13 14:48:47

We are are going back to Cyprus next week, we are flying into Paphos and making the drive across the island to just outside Ayia Napa (fights were cheaper to Paphos!!)

We have been many times always staying in or near to Paralimni, Protaras or Ayia Napa. We have never been bothered by noise. Although it's been 8 years since we were last there but I cant imagine it's changed too much.

From what I remember, Ayia Napa does get busy and there is lots of nightlife, but there is also lots to do for families.
If you Choose accommodation away from the main square its shouldn't be too noisy. I suggest you look on trip advisor first though for anything you may be interested in so you don't get caught out.

If you choose to stay elsewhere, all the above destinations are within easy reach of Ayia Napa. Protaras isn't as big as Ayia Napa but still lots to do.

Cyprus on the whole is very good for families (the Greek Cypriots love children!!) We also hire a car as this gives up the freedom to go exploring.
Nissi Beach is the best beach I have ever been to, so if you do decide on the South East, a visit is a must.
Fig Tree Bay in Protaras is also really nice.

I cant wait to go back!!

BellaVita Sun 05-May-13 21:55:52

We stayed in Limassol over Easter (45 mins from Paphos).

The hotel was Le Meridien Limassol. Can highly recommend it.

lovelilies Sun 05-May-13 21:53:32

Are the beaches near Paphos no good?
place called Nissi beach looks lovely! but fully booked sad
Is aiya napa any good for families? Don't fancy club music all night...shock

LtEveDallas Sun 05-May-13 18:07:35

I used to live in Episkopi, and we went to Paphos whenever we fancied a weekend away. Our favourite hotel was the Louis Phaehon Beach Club. The kids club was fab, the evening shows fantastic. They have their own small waterpark and there is loads going on all the time. The food was to die for, the best AI food we've ever had - it really was outstanding.

If you hire a car there are good beaches in Coral Bay, or the best one is Lady's Mile in Limassol (about an hour from Paphos).

There's lots to see and do in Cyprus. There's the Bird Park in Paphos where you can hand feed giraffes. Curium in Episkopi, Troodos mountains. The possibilities are pretty endless.

June is a great time to go, not too hot. August used to kill us - we ended up buying season tickets to the Waterpark in Fasouri and spent pretty much every afternoon there!

I love Cyprus, would return tomorrow if I could.

givemeaclue Sun 05-May-13 17:48:14

Paphos isn't very nice, there must be nicer places

PointeShoes Sun 05-May-13 11:34:27

Go south east, my parents have a villa in Paralimini (sp?). It's east of ayia napa so is out of the business but still lots to do. Water park, beach, markets. Wouldn't go paphos as there's no nice beaches, extremely hot in summer, as no breeze of the coast.
Have a look at hotels in Protaras , east of ayia napa. Can fly to Larnaca instead of Paphos.

3MonthMaid Sun 05-May-13 11:28:15

Not so much cultural but your 7yo would love it- the first choice holiday village aliathon. DD 6.5 and I went in April and it was really a fab holiday. All inclusive and lovely food and staff. Lots of tacky entertainment in the evenings which DD loved too.

It's about a mile from Paphos centre, 1 euro on the bus there...

DD and I had a lovely studio apartment.

lovelilies Sun 05-May-13 09:25:31

DP, 7 yo dd and I plan on going to Cyprus beginning of June. I'm just after some recommendations about where is good to stay.
We're after the usual things, beach, pool, half board/ all inc. Going to hire a car to go exploring interesting ruins etc as well. A mix of relaxing and culture. Plus would be nice to be near town for cafes shops etc.
Suggestions would be great, thanks!! grin

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