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Granada, Spain

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aJumpedUpPantryBoy Fri 26-Apr-13 20:54:28

DH and I are thinking of going to Granada and I wondering if anyone had any hotel recommendations.
Also, if you've been to Granada what were your 'must do' things so I can add them to add to our list?

racingheart Fri 26-Apr-13 21:02:45

It's gorgeous! One of the most beautiful cities I've ever been to.

Can't recommend hotels, but you must go to Alhambra Gardens - one of the most romantic places in the world.
Also - walk through those narrow cobbled streets in the Moroccan quarter and have Moroccan food then go up to the view point which looks out over the mountains and the homes built into the caves.
There's loads of lovely shopping streets in tiny lanes - musical instrument streets, spice streets, silver jewellery (at good prices).

Vaguely remember there been a roman baths there too that was worth a visit if you like historical sites...

aJumpedUpPantryBoy Fri 26-Apr-13 21:06:30

Thank you.
It's DH who really wants to go so I am booking it as a surprise for him and I'm really excited about it.
He has wanted to see the Alhambra Gardens all his life so I'm so pleased that he will be fulfilling a dream!
We love historical sites so the Roman baths sound perfect.

Waswondering Fri 26-Apr-13 21:08:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PurpleGeekyGirl Fri 26-Apr-13 21:10:22

No hotel suggestion sorry, but agree you must do the Alhambra and find a cafe to have proper thick Spanish hot chocolate and churros in at sunset, magical grin

aJumpedUpPantryBoy Fri 26-Apr-13 21:20:16

Thanks all.

I'm torn between small more traditional hotels and large modern at the moment. And that's before I even make a decision on B&B v half board.

Being naturally indesisive makes holiday organisation very difficult smile

Portofino Sat 27-Apr-13 14:03:39

Boom Alhambra tickets on line before you go, and I would recommend going early as it can get really busy. It is stunning though. Definitely don't go half board. Granada is tapas central. You can wander from place to place and get free tapas as you go. The Albacin quarter on the hill opposite the Alhambra is lovely to wander around on a summer evening, smelling the flowers and lizard spotting. You can go for a flamenco evening in the caves.

Portofino Sat 27-Apr-13 14:10:11

We stayed at the Melia, which was really central and fine, but there seem to be stunning choices on tripadvisor..

senua Sat 27-Apr-13 14:14:41

Book Alhambra tickets on line before you go

Top tip. It gets insanely busy. You can't buy on the day unless you fancy queuing for hours.

GoodtoBetter Sat 27-Apr-13 14:54:54

I haven't stayed in any of these, but I have stayed in hotels from this site and they were lovely and not expensive.
secret places
Granada is lovely.

aJumpedUpPantryBoy Sat 27-Apr-13 17:57:54

smile I think the problem is there seem to be too many amazing choices, I think I will just have to bit the bullet and make a decision.

I shall make sure we book Alhambra tickets before we go

Thanks everyone.

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