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Dordogne - Bergerac area-things to do please?

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Troubleintmill Thu 25-Apr-13 16:41:06

I'd like some ideas from anyone who knows this area or has been before.
Got a 2.5yr old DS so suitable stuff for him would be good, also places to eat and to get food to make our own meals.
Any tips etc.
plus does anyone know how long the journey is from Disneyland Paris to this area please?
Thank you!

theoriginalandbestrookie Fri 26-Apr-13 20:10:49

The Dordogne is a wonderful area, we are gutted they have stopped the direct flight there from our home town. I am cutting and pasting an email I sent someone before about the Dordogne, I'll try to review which things would be suitable for a 2.5yr old

Velorail - you would need to ring up and book in French, as for a tourist experience they don't seem to be very organised, but it's great fun
DS loved Castlenaud as its a very authentic castle, plus it has a very nice cafe opposite which does great salads and crepes. Beynac castle is also a fun experience.
This is a lot better than the website would have you believe as it involves walking down into the deep cave and then going on a boat trip. It is very popular so try to arrive early and do not eat in the closest restaurant like we did as it is overpriced and not very nice. Our friends also did caves with crystals but I can't remember the name of them.
Some great recommendations on this thread, although after having visited Jacquo park I would give it a miss, the water park bit was good, but all the rides seemed a bit rickety and the animals very sad. Canoeing or a boat trip is an excellent way to soak up the scenery although DS did claim to get bored on the boat trip.
This restaurant is absolutely brilliant if you happen to visit Chateau Hautefort. We stumbled upon it because the first year we went we were staying close. Very child friendly, reasonable prices and amazing food, we didn't find anywhere half as nice in Sarlat to eat although there are some good restaurants with child menus and a few pizza places.

Sarlat itself is lovely in the evening, there is usually entertainment, there was a band and a contortionist when we were there and DS had a brilliant time watching it all, also you can get free samples of all the liqueurs in the shops - do not buy truffle liqueur like my husband as it is foul.
They are very fond of anything relating to duck gizzards or foie gras, sadly I don't like that but managed to find enough to eat.

There is also meant to be riversides that are done up like beaches, but as it was so hot when we were there we didn't make it to one.

There are certain things I would avoid, we made the mistake of going to a museum involving prehistoric digging and bears, it turned out to be someone's back garden that they had excavated and some really sad bears pounding around a dreadful looking area that for some reason he had acquired, we were the only visitors and yet the tour guide refused to adapt the hour long presentation to tailor to the needs of a rather bored 4 year old. There is also the copy of the prehistoric paintings, this may have been fantastic, but I didn't get to see it as they started tutting the minute DS arrived on the tour so DS and I left before he could make any noise.

They don't seem as child friendly in the historic properties as The National Trust and I would keep away from guided tours if possible as they tend to be long and tedious even for adults.

I'm not sure how long it would take to drive to Paris - quite a long time I would imagine. As your DS is only 2.5 it may be one to save for another trip.

Lonecatwithkitten Sat 27-Apr-13 23:12:01

Paris to Bergerac is around 6 to 7 hours. If you go early in the season (may) many of the 'child friendly' attractions are not yet open.
I find France one of the easiest place to feed a child no matter how smart the place they always have "un suggestion pour l'enfant". Usually a little plate of sliced veg, a baby steak and then a pudding.

Troubleintmill Sun 28-Apr-13 09:25:05

Thank you for your replies. Very useful.
We are going to Disneyland on our way down to the Dorgdogne. I didn't realise it was such a long drive...hope DH does!
Think we've got enough to keep DS occupied and hopefully there'll be some places to stop along the way. Think I may order some guidebooks!

We are going in may but hopefully there will be some stuff open...where we're staying has a pool and a large garden so will be enough to keep DS occupied for a couple of days.

Thanks again.

Lonecatwithkitten Sun 28-Apr-13 09:57:56

Really the drive is best done as a blast down the peage just stopping at service stations. Getting on and off increases the toll costs quite a lot.

HettyD Sat 11-May-13 22:34:39

St Leon on the vezere is soo cute, and there is a dinosaur park in woods which is shady and fun for little ones! Gardens of Mequizzac (sp??) were lovely and had kids activities! We LOVE the Dordogne, have fun, explore!!

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