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Le Brasilia, Canet en Roussillon

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thinkoutsidethexbox Wed 05-Jun-13 21:01:10

Just got back from May half term hols there - was absolutely fabulous! Sorry we went with Eurocamp so I can't help with the noise issue - there was certainly none from where we were but if you want any other tips please let me know- I'd go back tomorrow!!!!

dcb Tue 02-Apr-13 11:55:03

Just booked to stay here end of Aug/early Sept for 2 weeks as this campsite ticks all our boxes (staying in a mobile home and will be doing fly-drive). I tried to book with the campsite directly and also other companies as Thompson Al Fresco did not have great reviews for this site re: cleanliness, size of vans etc. However, they were the only company with space when we wanted to go. I've now read reviews on TripAdvisor and found out that their plots are next to a noisy road. Has anyone been and has this caused any problems? It's a lot of money to spend to not be comfortable/enjoy sitting outside etc. Thanks x

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