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Any hotel recommendations for Lyon France for family pls x

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fakeblondie Sat 30-Mar-13 12:23:10

Were driving to the very south of France and want to stop the night in Lyon ?
I was thinking of a F1 as cheap and practical but after speaking to someone ive been put off.
Id like to spend a bit more and perhaps have something not hugely expensive but somewhere which will make us feel like we1ve started our hol iykwim !
many thanks x

cheerup Sat 30-Mar-13 20:23:56

Lyon is a big city and getting in to and out of it will take time. You really won't scratch the service of it as an overnight stop. Parking is also likely to be payant and security a bit of a ?. I lived there as a student so love the place but was very disappointed when I had a stop over in the Ibis there. I personally wouldn't bother going in again unless I had at least two days to spend. What about a B&B hotel (the chain rather than any b&B) if you just want to break your journey or a nice Logis de France type hotel in a smaller town off the autoroute? Macon, Beaune etc Don't mean to put you off but Lyon is a great place with lots to see and enjoy that deserves at least a weekend

fakeblondie Sun 31-Mar-13 11:58:27

Thanks for your reply . I think it sounded like we were planning on spending time in Lyon but what I meant was that's about as far as we are hoping to drive first day and Lyon or there abouts on the way to at tropez sounds a doable stopover iykwim It needs to be en route but would be nice if the hotel or B and B was nice too unwind before long drive next day . We won't be sightseeing literally stop eat and sleep x

Trazzletoes Sun 31-Mar-13 12:00:50

As a family we have always stopped at Ibis / F1 etc en route. I've never had a problem and if you are just sleeping and leaving, they are absolutely fine.

Portofino Mon 01-Apr-13 20:10:29

I have stayed at the Novotel Lyon Nord and it was great. Nice wine, pool, playground, good children's menu, free breakfast for kids. Just off the A6 with secure parking. You can get some all in bargains if you book in advance. The website is iirc. Alternatively a bit further north but La Source des Fees in Fuisse nr Macon is LOVELY with free wine tasting and great food. The garden is beautiful. Really nice rooms and cheaper than the Novotel. Is about 10 mins from the a6 at the Macon Nord exit. The Novotel at Macon Nord is also fine.

Portofino Mon 01-Apr-13 20:17:40


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