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What to do in central Europe for 4 days after a week in Switzerland with 3 dc?

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OwlMother Fri 29-Mar-13 16:09:12

Just that really, we're planning on spending a week in Switzerland, walking, cycling etc. and want to go on somewhere else before we head home.

Last year we had a fab time - a week in Switzerland and then 4 nights at EuroDisney. It was universally thought to be the best holiday ever.

This year I had thought of heading north to Europa Park, but I'm put off slightly by the high cost, £££ more than we paid for Disney.

Other thought was just to spend a few nights in London on the way home? Dc are 13,9 and 7.

We will be flying into switzerland and then will be travelling primarily by rail so this is a factor although we haven't booked anything so have no ties.

All suggestions welcome!

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